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By Gayle Mitchell

Piggy Bankin’:
The bonus slot that started it all. Piggy is waiting for players from the front of these slots and will donate a credit in the piggy bank as you start play. Line up three blanks and more credits are added to the piggy bank. When ‘Break the Bank’ symbol lands on the right reel payline, cash in, take the money and run. It takes an average of 80 spins for this win to replay.

Reel ‘Em In: Symbols include fruit, bell and 3 fishies.  Scatter pay symbols are a fish, worm and an insect.  Bonus screen shows 5 fishing characters where your choice brings in the ‘catch’ and a bonus amount.

Sphinx: Features 3 scarab symbols and wild Tut icon. Bonus round takes you to pharaoh’s tomb where a choice of five sarcophagi with hidden bonuses await for bonus $. If the image of the sphinx is revealed, the bonus screen travels into a second chamber with group of five. Your selection brings as much as 2500 coins multiplied by bet.

Top Banana: More of the animal world with a large grin when you line up 3 hippos, gorillas or turtles. A gorilla dangles a bunch of bananas while a monkey waits on the seesaw with a tub of water on the other end. Bonus round credits add up if you stack the monkeys high enough to grab bananas. A random hidden multiplier gives extra $.

Top Dog: with a payout every 2-3 spins, dog lovers have found their game. The fire hydrant is ‘wild’ and three doghouses trigger the bonus round taking you to a familiar sight: poker-playing dogs. Pick one and its poker hand to reveal bonus credits up to 2500. Also, line up five dogcatchers for a bonus. Top scatter award is 1250 coins.
Come on Fido, be good to me.

Big Times Pay: This 3-reel slot has traditional bars and 7’s plus a ‘Big Times Pay’ symbol that matches every other symbol. A winning combination plus one or two ‘Big Times Pay’ symbols rewards a spin on a fourth reel resulting in a multiplier of up to 100X the bet. The announcer makes it easy to follow along and if you land 3 ‘Big Times Pay’ symbols, your reward is, well...Big Time of 6,000 coins.

Filthy Rich: Think Pigs. Scatter pay of a barn, chickens and a horse. Bonus round presents 5 dirty pigs. Your choice gets a quick hose and a bonus amount is revealed. 
Inca Sun: The Inca Sun is the top jackpot symbol while other symbols include icons of Inca culture and poker symbols with 3 or more pyramids triggering a free game feature. Eight free spins are awarded with certain symbols subbing for the Inca Sun allowing for a high hit frequency during your free spins and pays of 10-2,500 coins times your bet. You can ‘bask in the glow’ of this game.

Bingo: Two games in one: 5 reel with fruit, bar and wild symbols plus 3-D numbered bingo balls and bingo card. Player chooses winning configuration with straight or diagonal lines being the easiest wins. When the 3-D bingo ball lands on lit pay line, it produces a free spin with number matching a number on player’s card. Your chosen combo win gets a loud Bingo!  This is a popular game and can be found at most casinos.
Bingo players love this game as much as any bingo hall.

Monopoly: Once Around was the first version of this series of now eight versions. All are good plays for the novice. This one features top box set of dice.  Uncle Pennybags symbol is wild and top line jackpot is 100,000 at max bet.  Scatter pay is community chest. 3 dice symbols=bonus round which is trip around the board collecting bonus points wherever your ‘token’ choice lands. You can also buy houses and hotels on certain properties you choose.  Watch the board above as you go round back to ‘Go’ with bonuses from 4X for Baltic Ave up to 300X for elite Park Place and Boardwalk.  Start by betting one coin for each of 9 paylines, increasing as your credits grow. 

I suggest any of the more than eight versions of Monopoly for fun and profit.
If you have played all the above and/or searching for a wider selection, I have rated and reviewed the following versions as popular and top picks: Easy Street, Indigo Swing, Fortune Cookie, Yahtzee, Who Dunnit?, Little Green Men, Cast for Cash and Instant Winner.

But, wait...there’s more...Wild X Multiplier Bonus Slots.

These slots hold major bonus options. Wild symbols, (usually in the name of the slot version) are scattered about, multipliers, (2x, 5x, 10x pay+) and free spins that result in additional payouts. These versions also offer frequent hits/payouts, often every second spin, unlike basic slots. 

You will not find full second screen bonus rounds as with BVS; however, video graphics are still present. I shortened the category name of these slots to Wild X Bonus Slots and suggest the following types: KG Bird, Smokin’ 7’s, Elephant King, Lock ‘N Roll, Blazing 7 Times Pay, Fishin’ for Cash, Good Times, Lion Fish and Five Times/ Ten Times Pay.

Generally, the payout for wild symbols is activated by the third coin/reel. Five and nine paylines and ample pay tables are available with multiple jackpots that you have come to expect from bonus video slots.
Even though bells sound and bonus amounts light up, you should check each payout amount because a ‘big deal win’ of 30 credits is not truly a win when you bet 45 credits originally.

Similar to a return bet in video poker; these bonus amounts may not be adding to your overall win.  Move on to another version if these ‘short-pays’ continue.

Wager management and discipline are required like any other casino game--be an intelligent gambler. Keep track of monies gobbled up by the bill-acceptor; it could very well be time for a new bonus version.
As you can see, bonus slots are played differently from basic slots where my usual advice of playing maximum coins and single paylines is ‘out the window’ to allow optimum strategy.
Bonus slots are ‘reel’ enjoyment and with a strategies education, the profits from these newest versions cannot be denied.

Until next we meet in the Slots Playground…

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