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Posted: Tuesday, April 21st 2009 by: Chris Bibey.
When selecting a slot machine there is a lot to consider. How much money do you want to bet? Can you afford to play for long? What theme are you most interested in?

 All of these questions, plus many others, will be running through your head the moment that you step foot into a casino. And if you are gambling in a big casino you will have thousands of machines to select from.

One thing you want to avoid is “paralysis by analysis.” This is when you don’t know what to do and never make a decision because there are so many slot machines available. Instead of using your knowledge and choosing one you opt to sit back and analyze the situation for entirely too long. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make the right choice, but the longer you wait the more chance there is that you will continue to delay.

If a slot machine is located in a casino it has something to offer the player. After all, casinos are not going to keep machines that are not making money by drawing in players. You cannot go wrong with any machine you choose as long as you can afford to play.

What slot machine are you going to choose to play? Do your best in knowing what is available. But remember, there comes a time when you need to make a selection. If you continue to delay your time may pass you by!

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