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by: J. Phillip Vogel. Slots, Online casino gambling articles.
Years ago, gamblers pretty much had two choices. Pack up and head for a gambling town like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or stay right where they were and wager locally through somewhat illicit sources..
Fast-forward to present day, and gambling has become an almost international obsession, with casinos, betting parlors, card rooms, sports books and high-stakes bingo rooms opening up in every state and nation. 
Given this newfound gaming freedom, many traditional gamblers question the value of Internet play.  Not only are land-based casinos and the like now more readily available, they say, but they offer all of the same games in a safe, familiar, and regulated environment—something online gaming companies can’t claim. 
They further feel that online gambling lacks the same level of excitement inherent to traditional gaming.  After all, you’re only staring at a bunch of computer-generated images on a screen.  How can that be any fun?
Given all of the factors, the question that probably pops into your head right about now is simple and straightforward: “Why gamble online?”
Although I agree that online gambling does have some limitations—for example, try counting cards in a blackjack game where the deck is shuffled every hand—I firmly believe that online gambling has quite a bit to offer gamblers not only from an entertainment standpoint, but from a strategic one as well. 
Many online games, slots in particular come to mind, offer players higher average payout schedules, a wider range of betting limits and all of the possible life-altering windfalls associated with the game.  Not only that, but players can easily check to see which games are paying out the best, switch from slots to poker to horseracing without missing a beat, and can experiment with new games and strategies without feeling the crush of other players judging their every move. But these examples barely scratch the surface. 

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Here are some of my favorite reasons for gambling online.

A Haven for Better Odds
While it depends on the game, online players are routinely treated to better odds than they are likely to find in traditional settings. A prime example of this case is Roulette. 
In the U.S., a typical roulette wheel consists of 38 numbered slots labeled 1 to 36, a zero, and a double zero. The resulting house edge on this version of the game is a moderately high 5.26%. In the European version of the game, however, there are only 37 slots, numbered 1 to 36 plus a zero—there is no double zero slot. 
This reduced field lowers the “vigorish” or house’s edge from the 5.26% found in the U.S. version down to a more favorable 2.7%.  Since online casinos cater to an international clientele, they typically offer both versions of the game—a feature that U.S. roulette players can capitalize.

Similarly, slot players will find that online casinos offer higher average payouts than those of traditional casinos, averaging around 97% in many sites with some shooting to 98% and 99%. Finally, since most reputable sites post their payout percentage for each type of game monthly, players willing to spend a little time can hunt down sites that offer only the very best odds for their preferred games.

Freedom to Learn
Have you ever wanted to try out a game but were reluctant to risk any money or be the focus of impatience by experienced player?  For beginning gamblers—or for those seasoned players looking to experiment with unfamiliar games—most online casinos offer “play for free” versions of their software that provide the opportunity to learn and perfect a game without risking a cent. And because you’ll be playing alone against the house, you can take your time when making crucial decisions or even use strategy cards where possible to guarantee every move that you make is perfect.

Comps, Comps, Comps
While traditional gambling establishments can offer their favored players free meals, show tickets and rooms, online gambling hall are typically restricted to one type of very alluring comp—free money.
For those of you who remember, in the early days of online gambling typical comps were pretty low—sometimes non-existent.  Nowadays, however, with the increased competition to get players through the virtual door, most sites offer a wealth of cash comps to new and returning players. These take many forms, but typically include sign-up bonuses, match bonuses, player coupons, high roller bonuses, re-load bonuses and VIP Clubs. 
Some enterprising sites even offer players free cash just for downloading the casino software—no deposit required! The value of these comps vary from site to site—from as little as $20 to potentially over $1,000—so savvy players always keep an eye out for the best programs.

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