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by: Gayle Mitchell. Online casino gambling articles, Slots.
I have put together five Video Poker Questions received from readers of Casino Players Ezine.
1) Gayle: On the Video Poker machines with multiple games, i.e. Bonus Poker, Super Aces, etc.

Does each game use a different deck or do all games use the same deck? Tom.
There are separate decks utilized for each game. In addition, there is a separate RNG program for each game. For multi-denominations game, there is again a separate RNG for payouts. Gayle.

2) Gayle: I'm have two questions about video poker.
1. You write that if you're not hitting 4-of-a-kind quick on a machine you should move on.  Given the fact that the machines are all chance based; does it matter if you stay with a machine or move on?  Wouldn't the principle be: eventually, you'll get a win?
2. You like Deuces Wild.  As I look at payouts, it seems that only when you get 4DW do you really get anywhere.  Given the fact that you seem to like this game can you help "convert" me? Ed

Ed: 1) I use this strategy mainly for wager management. You are right, eventually you will win if it's a full-pay version utilizing optimum strategy, however, getting up and seeking another full pay or perhaps different VP version to play saves your gambling bankroll and perhaps you will find a machine that pays better.
2) Generally, if you don't hit 4 Deuces, you are in for a losing session with this VP, however, with 4 wild cards, you can also continue to play with enough Royals w/Deuces, straight flushes and four of a kind while awaiting a 'big hit'.
The big difference I have noticed with wild card games is the 'roller-coaster' ride where you never know what payout is coming.
Jacks+ game is slow and steady and certainly an excellent game to play, but sometimes you want to play a different kind of VP, i.e., wild card games including Jokers Wild.
A final word: Be sure to practice and learn optimum strategy for every version you intend to play.
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3) Gayle: I am looking for a tutorial for Triple Bonus Poker. I am very confident that my Double Double Bonus strategy is hurting me on the three and five play machines!  At max. credits I am having trouble even thinking about all the mistakes I've been making! Help - Please! Mike

Mike: Help is on the way. Triple Double Bonus pay schedule offers 4000 coins payout for 4 Aces w/ 2, 3 or 4--same as for a Royal Flush, however payout for 3 of a kind is reduced to 10.
Four 2, 3 or 4’s w/ace, 2, 3 or 4 pays 2000.
Strategy: Aces with a winning fifth card and as always, a Royal is the goal here, so the strategy is to hold the ace only when dealt with other high cards (Jacks+) not suited.
--If dealt a suited ace and face, then you will hold both.
--If dealt full house with 3 aces, keep the aces only.
--Not only is there the reduced pay of 10 coins for 3-of-a-kind, but the overall return for this game is a lowly 98.02%.
--I suggest this version be played only with winnings from other VP games with better returns.

4) Gayle: I've seen "Spin Poker" & "Spin Poker Deluxe" machines in quite a few casinos. Are there strategies for playing these games? Each machine offers a few selections of play (Deuces Wild) (Bonuses: Double; Double, Double; Super Aces). BobC.

Bob: I did some research for this question, as I am skeptical of any VP game that is not full pay and has not been around for a long time.
As for strategy, there’s no change from regular strategy for single line games. You want to look for full-pay schedules: e.g., 9/6 Jacks+,  9/5 Deuces, 10/7 or 10/6 Double Bonus, etc.
To my delightful surprise, I found the overall payback %’s for this game to be Jacks 9/6=99.996%, Deuces 9/5=100.067%, Double Bonus 10/6=100.06%.
Again, if you find the full pay schedules as described above, the returns can be better than a regular single payline—always a plus for VP players.

5) Gayle: The common wisdom regarding video poker machines is that the cards are random dealt and the payout percentage is based completely on the posted pay schedule.  Yet in playing the machines, they seem to go through distinct cycles that challenge that data.
In addition, at various casinos the stated average payouts are different despite the fact that the posted pay tables are the same.
Is it a fact that the cards are dealt at random, or do the casinos have the ability to control the payout percentage other than the pay table?

Paul: Yes, you are right all picks are random, however the game is volatile. I'll give you an example. I just went through 5 losing sessions and today I hit for $1000, so you never know.
As far as changing machine payouts at any casino online or off, there is a gaming license and reputation to consider.
I contend that it is just not worth fooling around with the % payouts when you could lose your license or reputation for a small amount of money.
Also, casinos already make additional money from VP players who are not educated and are not playing the game with optimum strategy or without max coin each time.

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