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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online casino gambling articles.
While I'm on the subject of discipline, maybe a little background on the author would be appropriate. Many years ago, I discovered gambling by the way of poker games in garages, and at parties, and then betting on pot games in bowling.
 It was very easy to win.

I practiced very, very hard to perfect these "skills," and then branched out into other fields.
A friend brought me to Monmonth Park, and opened a whole new world to me. Why, this was a cinch. I'll come every day, make a fortune, and never work again.

Handicapping the horses became an obsession. I worked hard, and studied hour upon hour. There would be big days, and there would be lousy days.

Eventually, I started going every day, but had now reduced my betting down to only one or two races a day.
The next challenge was the biggest of all, Sports Betting. I never dreamed you could actually bet on the outcome of a football, or basketball, or baseball game. It was another world to conquer. My entire day was wrapped into charting the various teams, and deciding upon a winner.

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By now, I was engulfed in gambling. It appeared so easy. I never made big, gigantic hits, but never got completely wiped out. When I did lose a bundle, it was always offset by winning at a poker game, or in a bowling match.
By now, the die was cast. I was looking for more things to bet on. I read all of the books on Las Vegas, and since I knew the basic idea behind Craps and Blackjack, I figured I was an expert at these games.

Roulette intrigued me. In fact, the whole idea of Las Vegas pumped me up. I figured: "Why not go after the big kill in the gambling capital of the world? Why not go to Las Vegas?"

For months, I saved, putting together a bankroll of $3,000, and worked on a system in Roulette that would revolutionize gambling. I figured I was such a genius, they'd probably ban me, as soon as I started "milking" all the casinos with my system.

The big day came, and off I went, $3,000 in my pocket, a dynamite system in my head, and the knowledge that I was a fantastic gambler. I'd knock them dead, those donkeys out in Vegas. I'd show them what a real gambler was all about.

Sure I would!
On Wednesday, I arrived in Las Vegas. Wednesday night, I started my system. Friday, I was broke. Saturday, I was working as a shill, for $10 a day.
You don't want to hear the gory details of my demise. It'd make grown men cry. It made me cry.
The years passed, and I bounced, and bounced, and bounced, and bounced. One day up, the next day down.


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