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by: Chris Bibey. Slots.
Is there a certain time of the day when it is better to play slot machines? In other words, can you win more money by playing in the morning or at night?
The answer to this question is no. But with that being said, you may have personal preferences that dictate when you play slots. This holds true if you tend to play online or at a real casino. Either way, your personality and lifestyle will determine when you play slots the majority of the time.

The best time to play slot machines is when you feel most comfortable. In other words, you never want to be in a rush. In other words, do not try to sneak in a few games if you know that you will have to rush off soon enough. Sure, you may want to play as much as you can, but when you are in a rush the process is never as enjoyable.

If you like to play online slot machines you will have a much better chance of finding time throughout the day. This is particularly true if you do not live close to a land based casino. With an online service, you can place bets anytime you have a spare block of time. For some players this is before work, and others like to gamble at night. Since you can bet from your home computer there is no holding you back.

You should play slot machines when you want; not when you think that you have the best chance of winning. With each machine based on a random number generator, it is impossible to determine what time of the day is best for players. Instead, you should play slots when you feel comfortable with the time that you have available for doing so. 

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