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by: Gayle Mitchell.
The true �dream makers� in the casino are certainly progressive jackpots for slot players. Here are 5 Winners� stories of �huge hits� over $5 Million, worthy of the name MegaJackpots.

These ‘life changing’ jackpot choices are available both online and offline.

Penny Jackpot History

It was a certain feeling that led a 66 year old Nevada man to play Penny Megabucks at
the Pahrump Nugget Hotel and Gambling Hall.
The unusual move by this regular VP player made history with a gigantic $18.8 million win. “I put in $100 and after playing $44, I saw five eagles line up and thought I had won about $3000,” the anonymous winner said. “Then I looked up and the large jackpot on top of the machine had switched from $18 million to $10 million. Then I knew I had won something big.” A trip to Australia and paying some bills are in the future for this new millionaire.

AC Strike for a Day Tripper

Josephine Crawford, 84, loves her slots even though her biggest win was only $1000. Now, she is in the record books for a huge hit of $10 million playing a nickel Megabucks at Harrah’s, Atlantic City. The largest previous win was $8.5 million.
The retired waitress plays a couple of times a week in AC since 1978 and this trip found her down to a final $5 before striking the winning jackpot.
Future plans include a trip to Italy, where her parents grew up and she plans to share her winnings with her two daughters, five grandchildren and three great-children. “Somehow, I’ll spend it. I’ll spend it at the casino and I might go to Vegas.”

An International Record

A Santa Ana, CA. man celebrated his 70th birthday and will go in the world records book with his 25-cent machine jackpot.
Manuel Herrera was playing Wheel of Fortune quarters at the Flamingo in Laughlin, Nevada, when he won the $8.4 million jackpot. A retired restaurant worker, Herrera was visiting Laughlin on a bus tour when his $30 cash outlay made him a millionaire.
He said, “he was preparing to leave the casino but decided to play just a little longer.”
“The bank of machines was busy with players on both sides of him and he had a feeling about that particular machine.”
As for the winnings, Herrera explained that he has 5 sons, 5 daughters, 45 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren, so there’s no lack of places to spend his riches.
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Let’s Hear It for the Wynn

Joey Penn knew that one credit was not enough to continue playing for the Megabucks jackpot, so he wisely inserted another $100. while playing at Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.
The 38-year old owner of a successful truck stop and partner in a construction company in Zachery, LA, struck for $12,317,717, the Megabucks jackpot in short order.
“I saw the first two symbols and thought, “that’s got to be good. Then the third symbol lined up and I said, that’s the big one.” Penn gives credit to his wife Melissa who suggested he play the machine next to her.  “She told me to sit down and play it,”
“Melissa had won $30,000. on our last trip to Las Vegas. We thought that was amazing and even commented on how we would never top it.” Penn stated.
“Just before it hit, I had told my wife that somebody has to hit it, so why not us?”
The future as stated by the millionaire is “I’m buying her a Bentley Continental GT and funding the children’s college education.”
As they are building a new home, the trip to Vegas included a stop at the World Market Center for decorating ideas. “We will definitely be upgrading the interior now,” Penn laughed.

What about my $7?

A very lucky player got the winning Megabucks alignment on the first 3-dollar spin upon his initial investment of a $10 bill. The jackpot hit at Caesar’s, Las Vegas for a whopping $21 million. The new millionaire’s immediate concern was whether he would receive the unplayed seven credits due him. I’m sure he got them back as they would be suitable for framing.  

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