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by: Patrick Thompson. Online slots stories, Slots.
Isn�t amazing when you are at your favourite land based casino and all of a sudden you notice some guy screaming as a mental patient and running around like a wild monkey??

My first thought is, either he got a royal flush on Caribbean Stud, a major Slot machine jackpot or he is so broke that he is probably heading to the nearest 17th floor and end up his suffering.

Well, assuming is one of the two scenarios and not the dramatic third one, is quite exciting being near a jackpot winner.  All the casino is focused on the amazing hand or slot machine combination and envy feels up the whole room. I believe the person experiencing the jackpot can not describe the emotion. Just think about it, he could have been playing for 10 hours, drunk as hell, barely able to open his eyes and two steps of loosing his whole salary….. BUUM $150.000 won!!! That has to be a major shock for your nervous system. It would be nice learning how many heart attacks have happened after some one hits a jackpot, I am positive there has to be at least one.

Now let’s focus on online gambling, where the scene changes a little bit.  The guy is at home, having a cup of coffee, logged in to his favourite casino (in which by the way he has deposited over $20.000 with $0 in withdrawals), its 7:30 pm and he just finished having dinner with his beautiful wife and kids. The kids are playing some video games and the wife is probably reading Reader’s Digest thinking his hard working husband is focused on some major reports due for the following morning as he stated some minutes ago while having dinner.  20 minutes of “hard work” have passed and this guy is already $158 down playing his favourite 5 reel 20 line slot machine. And then it happens…. 15 hearts, chests, rainbows or whatever the freaking symbol is appears all over the screen and his balance shifts from $32 to $1.235.993.  Can you imagine what could that be like??? Let’s not get into details…

Online Jackpots, what a marketing success!!!! Some advertise the addition of all the running jackpots on a website, others show of with one slot machine which has built the most excessive jackpot ever and even some set up outrageous prices but that in order to hit it, you must play an unreasonable amount per spin. Regardless how each company works with their jackpots, it’s a matter of providing big numbers. The biggest the better.
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Is no secret that there are 3 major software providers who are leaders in the slot machine market. Cryptologic, Microgaming and Playtech are currently the guys in battle on the online casino arena.  All of them provide excellent features, amazing variety of slot games and day by day work hard in order to overcome each other. Real Time Gaming (RTG), some time ago could have been mentioned among those companies, however those 3 huge guys have managed to left them behind.

In all 3 platforms you will find excellent choices for the today slot machine junkie. Variety is present in all of them and every you will find better prices, better graphics and more exciting promotions out there in order for you to have the chance of becoming one lucky millionaire by the spin of a some reels and some figures matching in your screen.

Each of them has their spoiled kid, referring to the slot machine on which they have applied the most efforts in making it a big one.

Microgaming’s little child, Major Millions, might be one of the most famous slot machines available.  With over 150 sites out there operating this software, this slot machine has achieved respect through the years.  Regardless what problems Microgaming has faced, this slot machine is living proof of how big they are.  Within 2 days you can notice this jackpot increasing thousands of dollars, sign of a loyal and established popularity among online slot machine jackpot hunters.

Numbers say that around one hundred and twenty something sites are currently below Playtech’s wing.  Regardless if it’s 120 or 160, it’s unbelievable how they have managed to expand their business.  Back in 2004 approximately no more than 60 sites where using this middle-east developed gaming software. Playtech has achieved its expansion with an innovative package offering excellent graphics and creative ideas for new games.  Gold Rally Slots is the name of their nutty boy.  Claimed to be one of the slot machines with better graphics out there, its jackpot has become extremely popular due to the amount of happy winners it has paid.  Is not unusual every 6 months to hear about one huge prize been paid by a Playtech casino coming from Gold Rally Slots. Another attractive plus, is how it manages to grow that fast, which as in Major Millions, its proof of its popularity. 

Last but not least, probably the most popular slots jackpot out there. It is also the most criticized one, but haven’t you ever heard that bad reputation is the best type of advertisement.  If you have done your home work about slots jackpots recently, you know I am talking about the humongous monster from Cryptologic (Wager Logic) slot machine Millionaire’s Club.  Not even 50 sites out there with Cryptologic, and their reputation is amazing.  How they did it? Who knows… It could be one of their casinos that has caused their respect to grow that much.  $4 million dollars, that’s right. Not cookies, candies or play money chips.  $4 million is what this machine is awaiting to pay.  The problem? This jackpot has been accumulating for over a year with no signs of anyone been close to hit it.  Some say it’s good, some say is bad.  But an online jackpot building for that long is the reason why some customers prefer other jackpots which might not grow that much, but pay more often. 

Jackpots grow and grow. New games might come up, but in order to overcome one of the big established ones it will take tons of work.

Remember that regardless of which your favourite slot machine or progressive jackpot game is, make sure to make business with a reliable operation.  How would you feel hitting some major price and going through a nightmare to collect it??

Do some research, it’s not that hard and many people out there offer what you are looking for. 

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