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by: Chris Bibey. Slots.
Playing slot machines means betting money in most cases. Unless you are playing online for free, you are going to be parting with some money to play slots.

 There are many slot machines out there, and all of them require a bet of some sort. Fortunately, you will find those for as little as one penny and as much as one dollar or more. Which betting denomination are you most comfortable with?

Penny slot machines always get a lot of attention because they are so cheap to play. If you don’t want to break the bank you should play penny slots. This allows you to play a long time while still have a chance to win a lot.

As you move away from penny slots you will find many others. For instance, nickel, dime, and quarter games are also very popular. And if you continue to climb the betting ladder you will find yourself with the ability to bet more than a dollar per spin. Is this too much for you to handle?

From one penny to more than a dollar, every slot machine is unique in what you can bet. Even if you are playing a dollar slot, you may be able to bet one dollar per reel; or as much as three to five dollars per spin.

Those who say they cannot afford to play slot machines are not aware of all the games that are available. No matter what you want to bet, if you search long enough you will find a slot machine that accommodates your budget.

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