Online slot machines and casino gambling
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by: Karl J..
Slot machines, the real ones not the online jobs, used to be so easy to beat. I remember as a kid I could have used slugs to dupe the machines, or I could almost as easily duped the reels into stopping where I wanted.

Now I play slots online, and for any old-time wise-guy that hasn’t made the jump, don’t. But if you can’t find any old mechanical machines left in your casino, listen to what you need to know to win online.

The first thing to remember is that all online slot machines work off a random number generator (RNG) and that no (RNG) is truly random. My 26 year-old PHd. Nephew told me that, and its explanation is simple. RNGs work off a mathemathitecal calculation usually initiated by another mathematical calculation. But that being the case, in almost every instance the numbers are “random enough” to make the RNG totally unpredictable.

So what can you do to get an edge? The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the payout on your online slot machine is set to something around 98%. Some casinos have slots way down in the 80% range, and at those odds no slot system is even going to come close to making you money. You can usually find out the payouts of the machines by calling the casino, but if that doesn’t work then call the site’s software provider. Some providers will tell you that the operator can fix the odds themselves, and that will send you back to square one, but others will tell you what you called to find out, your chances of winning.

Next you are going to want to find a casino that offers a good signup bonus and a good redeposit bonus. All this contributes to your edge. Be careful not to play the minimum required to get your bonus and then cash out, because the casino will bar you from their site and you’ll have to start the whole process over again.

Once you start to play always bet the maximum amount of coins the machine will take. There is usually a bonus if you hit the jackpot playing the maximum bet.

Now that pretty much covers how to play your basic 3-9 line machines. And by following the basics rules you can do pretty good. But the real money comes to players that have the patients to wait for the progressive online jackpots to hit $250,000 or more. When that happens, in theory, you have an advantage over the machine because in umpteen tries (depending on the machine) your odds of hitting the jackpot are greater than your chances of blowing it. Take for example a $1 machine that has 1 in 10 chance of hitting an $11 progressive jackpot. If you play $10 in the machine your odds of hitting are pretty good, in fact at 10 to 1 an $11 payout is a great gamble. Unfortunately, machines aren’t set to pay out every 10 tries (remember they are random), but the math works for you and your odds of winning an $11 pot justify betting $10.

Online, the prize needs to be around the $250,000 mark for their to be justification to bet the house, and the theory also misses the fact that other players are doing the same thing that you are and have an equal chance to win. So if you find a huge pogressive jackpot that only you know about, treat it like a favorite fishing hole and keep it a secret.

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