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Posted: Friday, February 27th 2009 by: Chris Bibey.
If you are going to play a slot machine in a casino you need to bet money. There is no way around this if you want to get started. The good thing is that you can find something that suits your budget even if you are strapped for cash.
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This is why slot machines are so popular. They cater to the rich, poor, and everybody in between. If you like to bet, and need to find a game that you can afford, you don’t have to look any further than slot machines.

Those people on a really tight budget usually opt for penny slots . It only takes one cent to make a bet, but you can win much more if you are lucky. Of course, this is the very low end of the industry. You can move up a bit if you get involved with nickel or dime slots. These are also common among players who are trying to save money.

As you move up the betting chain you will get to the most popular type, quarter slot machines. These are popular because they do not require a huge bet, but you can win a good amount of money; in many cases there are progressive jackpots of $100k or more. If you can get by at $.25 per bet you should consider doing so. These machines are common, and for this reason they are located all over.

If you are feeling like taking a big risk you can get involved with high stakes slot machines that require a bet of $1/more. Even though you are betting way more money, you are giving yourself the chance to win a bigger jackpot. Do you like this trade off? If you have the money to bet , you may want to see what high stakes slot machines are all about.

Only you know what you can afford when playing slot machines. No matter what, there is a machine that is right for the size of your bank account. 

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