Roulette betting strategy
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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online roulette gambling articles.
Ain't gonna be hard for anyone to pick up this system. There are only two colors to choose from, so you got Red or Black to pick (this could also be on Odd/Even or High/Low).
Suppose Red is your choice and this decision is made on the way to the casino not when you're sitting at the table and the croupier has started that ball in motion.

Did you ever see Kenny D. Cide play Roulette? He doesn't move a muscle until the croupier picks up the ball and begins to spin it around the wheel. All of a sudden Kenny swings into action. He grabs a handful of chips and begins to make plays on numbers that he can reach without getting off his butt and then puts the balance of chips on whatever outside bet strikes his fancy at the time.

Kenny D. Cide can't decide on a pattern of play and can't decide on a set grouping of numbers. In fact, after he gets wiped out of a Session, he can't decide on whether to eat or go to the john.

He stands in the middle of the floor, hiccuping from being hungry and wetting his pants over indecision. He's a dope!!!
I want you fully prepared to do battle at the tables and there's no reason why you can't know ahead of time exactly what you want to bet and how.

Before you get to the tables, you've decided that Red will be your Dominant that day. The first thing you do is find a table where Red is showing in a consistent pattern. Go back to the chapter on Trends and find a breakdown of how long you will chart and what you're looking for in the way of percentage of Blacks vs. Reds.
It don't matter if you chart 8 tables before you find Red showing power patterns. That table is trending with the Dominant you chose (Red).

Buy in and use the Regression System with Red as your Dominant. There are a couple of ways to bet. So see which one you like:

a. Bet Red every spin.
b. Follow the Red.

If you chose (a) , then you're gonna bet Red every spin and your first bet will be based on your Session money. Suppose you brought $300 to the casino. Break it into 3 Sessions of $100 each and now your first bet on Red will be either $6, $7, $8, $9 or $10.

Reminders that are always in effect: a. If lose first 4 spins, Session is over, b. Win Goal is 20%, c. Loss Limit is 50%, d. You're betting Red on every spin.

The good part of this method is that once you win the first bet of a series, you've wrapped up a profit. That means if the table should bang out a pattern of Red, Black, Red, Black, Red, Black, Red, Black, you'd be in cloversville.

When Red came, you picked up $8 and pulled the eight dollars back to your Session money along with a profit of three dollars from your original bet and have $5 going on the second wager. Let Red lose, it doesn't matter.

In this instance you won $3 and start the Series all over. Based on the Series above, you'd win $8, lose $5, win $8, lose $5, win $8, lose $5, win $8, lose $5. That's four wins, four losses, and a profit of $12. If you used $20 as your first bet, regressing down to $10 after a win, that streak would have netted you $40 (even though you lost just as many spins as you won).

The bad part about this method is that you could do your charting, find a table showing Red as the Dominant, buy in, start betting Red and have Black show 4 times in a row.

Of course that't why they call it gambling. But this ain't a bad way to wager. Mainly because you have your overall Loss Limit for the Session and the protection of the first 4 losses getting you away from the table. The next chapter gives you alternate ways to bet that Red. But this one is based on betting Red every spin.
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