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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online casino gambling articles.
It used to be a dirty word: Professional Gambler. Everyone pictured a rough looking cat, a scar on the side of his cheek, hat pulled down over the eyes, and dressed in black, from head to foot. The idea probably began back in the days of Humphrey Bogart.
But, it is very far from the truth. I won't say there are a tremendous amount of professional gamblers, but there are people who make their living gambling.
Most of them take up residence in Las Vegas, where gambling is legal, and they are able to place bets at any time of day or night.

The thing to remember about a professional gambler is that they do not get that classification by default. You have to earn it. It is a glamorous life when you are winning, but it is a lousy existence when you are losing. That is why the word professional is placed in front of gambler. The gambler, who makes a living by betting on sporting events or horses or casino games, has put many years into learning his trade.

You can be sure he has discipline. He'll walk away from a game, as soon as things start to go against him. It is absolutely imperative that you do not go broke on any given day. You must have money to be able to compete the next day.

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When Atlantic City opened up, people who had never bet in a casino before, raced down, won a couple thousand dollars, and proclaimed to be a professional gambler.
Try doing it over a period of ten years, and then come and tell me about it.

Almost every week, somebody will ask me how they can become a professional gambler. To be honest, not everyone has the makeup to take the beatings that must come in this way of life.

For instance, the professional gambler, who concentrates on the races, must be at the track every day. He must know about every single, solitary horse on the program.
He will not just go to the track once or twice a week, and the rest of the time take his information out of the newspapers. No, he is at that track, sometimes at 5 A.M., watching the various trainers putting their horses through their workouts.

When the actual handicapping begins, it will take approximately one hour to chart each race. Naturally, the pro will not bet on every race. He will eliminate those contests that give him the least chance of winning. For instance, let us say the professional horseplayer wants to eliminate about 4 5 races on the card. The following stipulations are applied, and if there are such races scheduled that day, he merely crosses them off:

12 horse fields
Maiden races
Claiming races of less than $10,000
Races for two year olds
Any race with more than seven horses
Any grass race

These are just a few of the rules that the pro may set for himself. On the three or four races left, he will get into his serious handicapping. If he doesn't see something that he believes will give him a good chance of winning, he will pass. Sometimes two or three days can go by without a bet being made.

That's discipline, but it is also following your own strict set of rules, and attempting to make your wagers only when you feel you have an excellent chance of winning.
The novice will rush into a track, bet four or five horses in each race, trying to find reasons to bet every horse, and sometimes be broke by the fifth or sixth race.

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