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by: Adam Darwin.

If you love slot machines, you’re not alone. Live casinos all over the world are lined with different slot machines that have a mind-boggling array of themes.

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Playing Online Slots

The problem is that the rows of machines, filled with clinking trays, flashing lights and loud beeps, not to mention crowds fighting for the machines, can dilute the experience. Furthermore, even a big win requires an inconvenient trip to the cashier and buckets full of change.

Online slots provide the solution. Online casinos provide a variety of online slot machines to rival the selection of live casinos. Furthermore, if you know how to play live slot machines, you already know how to play online slots.

Online Slot Machine Basics

The original slot machines worked on a reel system. You pulled the handle on the side to spin the reels, which stopped in random locations. If three symbols matched on the reels, you received a payout. Modern machines and online machines work according to a random number generator that determines which symbols appear in the main window. To play an online slot machine, simply drag the necessary number of virtual coins into the slot and click to spin the “reels.” If the right symbols appear in the right places, you win.

More Online Slot Machine Info to Know

Most modern slot casino games, both online and in a live casino, are multi-coin machines. Some machines allow you to multiply the amount you win with extra coins (called multiplier machines). Others are multi-line machines, which have a larger window and allow more winning combinations (e.g. you can win if symbols match above or below the center line, or even down the reel or diagonally). Make sure you know what type of machine you are playing on before you start.

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Progressive Online Slot Machines

Some online slot machines are tied into a progressive jackpot. All the machines linked to the jackpot pay into this large pool. To win the progressive jackpot, you must hit a very rare combination of numbers. Since so many slots pay into the jackpot, it can become extremely large. Some progressive jackpots have reached into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, to win the progressive jackpot, you must hit the jackpot while playing the maximum amount of coins that the machine allows. Playing fewer coins will still result in a healthy payout, but nothing close to the amount that the progressive jackpot allows.

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