Paytables and Slots
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by: Chris Bibey. Slots, Online slots gambling advice.
At every slot machine, either online or land based, there is a paytable that will tell you how much money you can potentially win. Even though these paytables are very important to players...
...a large majority ignore them because they are too concerned with actually getting started. There is nothing wrong with being a bit anxious to win, but if you do not look at the paytable you are getting off on the wrong foot. How can you make your money work for you if you don’t know how to win? Only by reading the paytables will you know how to win, and how much you can win with each bet. 

Listed below are some tips that you should follow when it comes to reading paytables. These will help you make your money work to your advantage with every pull of the lever.

1. A paytable at a slot machine will tell you how you can win, as well as how much you can win when you bet a certain amount of coins. Right off the bat you will notice that the more coins you bet, the more money you will win. This is very important to remember. To make your money go the furthest, you will always want to bet the maximum allowable amount. This way when you win, your earnings will be as high as possible.

2. Paytables are also in place to show you how you can win bonus money, or free rounds. These are not the same on every slot machine, so be sure to look into the rules at the machine you are playing with.

3. Not every slot machine uses the same paytable.  Many people are fooled by this as they move from machine to machine. Be sure that if you are going to be moving around a lot that you always check the paytable before you pull the lever for the first time. 

Overall, there is no point in playing slots unless you know what the paytable is for the particular slot game. The good thing is that this can be easily done in a minute or two before you get started.
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