Internet Bingo and online casino gambling
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by: Ken H.. Slots, Online casino gambling articles.
You played it as a kid, you know its popular in Indian Casinos, but now, it has hit the net. Get ready for Internet Bingo!

Ok, so what’s the big deal about Bingo?

The Internet and Bingo are a natural combination. Internet Bingo is just like the Bingo you played when you were a kid, except now that your computer is involved, its easier to keep track of all of those cards, and you almost never get ink all over yourself daubing all of the spots. But wait, there’s more.

First of all, there are all of the advantages of home play that we are now accustomed to in Internet gambling, such as 24 hour availability, convenient access, privacy, and in many cases, better odds. But, the real advantage to Internet Bingo, over the traditional bingo parlor version, is the community aspect that today’s Internet Bingo casinos have developed. No other format of gambling game has been able to capture that yet.

Second, Bingo has several unique advantages over other casino games. It is one of very few games in which you play against other players rather than against the house. This is important for two reasons, 1) The casino has no interest in which particular player wins so you are virtually assured of a fair game, and 2) The casino makes its profit as a portion of the pot. So, you know it has the bankroll to cover the large jackpots.

Bingo today

Today’s Bingo casinos offer chat communities within their games. Since the tedious process of daubing all those spots isn’t necessary, the player is now free to do other things during the game. The best thing to do during, and between, those games is chat.

Some words about chat

The Internet has had chat almost since its inception. Arguably, it was one of the major factors in making AOL what it is today. People love to chat on the Internet, and combining it with playing games, especially with gambling games, is a tremendous combination. When that game is Bingo, look out!

Since the stakes in Bingo are low, generally $1 per ticket, people tend to spend a long time at the Bingo casinos. In that time, players get to know one another and even cheer each other on during games. After the game ends, you can always see wtg’s (Way to go!) scrolling up the chat window as the friends of the winner congratulate the lucky ticket holder.

If you can’t win, its always nice to see someone you know win. This also helps build player confidence in the site, since you can see that someone actually did win, and the casino didn’t just “take your money.”

Player vs. Player

By now, some of you must be thinking, “There are other multi-player gambling games out there. A lot of them even have chat built in.”

Well, of course, you’re right. Those games include poker, and multi-player blackjack, just to name a couple. But, in those games you only compete and chat with the people at your table. This is generally a small number, say 4-10, compared with Bingo sites that may have hundreds at a time. Having everyone together in a single game seems to help build the community better. The other nice thing is that since everyone is in the same chat area at the same time, you are more likely to run into the same people over and over again. For me, that is the best part of the game.

Large jackpots

Of course, without the chance to win great prizes, Bingo just wouldn’t be the same. The Bingo Casinos out there regularly have jackpots in the several-hundred dollar range during busy hours. Many also run special games at times with jackpots in the thousands of dollars or more, including at least one that offers a $100,000 coverall jackpot once a week.

Free games

For some, the only thing better than a large jackpot is getting something for nothing. For those, there are quite a few free bingo games in which you can win a small cash prize, even though you don’t have to pay to play. The prizes are small – generally in the $3-$10 range, and you’ll have to compete with 100-200 other people for it, but what do you expect for nothing?

The Future

In the future, we will see the quality of the bingo games continue to rise, and before long, some of the major casino software providers will begin integrating bingo into their traditional casino software. The variety of games offered will increase, and of course, the number of people playing is going to continue to rise. The future is bright for this game… BINGO!!

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