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by: Adam Darwin.
The concept of bonus whoring is simple. In theory, a bonus whore will take advantage of as many online casino bonuses as possible. In actuality, a bonus whore is not a wham, bam, thank you ma'am kind of player.
How to Make Most of a Casino Bonus

How to Make Most of a Casino Bonus

On the contrary, a bonus whore is someone who is not afraid of commitment. A bonus whore is a patient, subtle, experienced player who is in it for the long run. Online casino bonuses are offered after much time and money is spent at a site. The experienced bonus whore is an above average player who spreads himself across many sites, over a long period, collecting bonuses along the way. Bonus whores are realistic, they are not dreamers. Bonus whores don't count simply on the bonus, they bank on their skill. To the bonus whore, a bonus is a supplement to a player's bankroll, not the end all. Overtime, if figured properly into a player's bankroll, a bonus whore can help counter his losses, and even add to his profits by bonus whoring.

The first thing a potential bonus whore needs to do is find the sites they will play at. This will require some legwork. A potential bonus whore should examine the bonus schedule of as many casino sites as they possibly can, and then set themselves up with a core group of sites they will play at. A bonus whore could be a player at between five and ten sites at any given time. When choosing a site, a bonus whore should consider factors like payout percentages, which game a casino offers, and of course, the size and availability of the casino bonus. The bonus schedule should be studied extensively. How much of a bonus do they offer? Is the bonus offered immediately? What does a player have to do to clear the bonus? How many times does it have to be rolled over? Will the bonus be easy to claim based on the type of game you play?

The last question is very important, because casinos often don’t allow you to play certain games when clearing a bonus. Blackjack and craps are for instance often excluded from the bonus offer while video poker and online slots

The longer a bonus whore lasts at a site, the more bonuses a player will receive. After all, you have to be in it to win it.
usually are included.

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