How to become a blackjack dealer
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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online slots gambling advice.
Obviously, blackjack is any Ace with any card valued at 10, such as a 10, Jack, Queen, or King. We all grew up playing this game, and we think because we know the answer to the basic question that we have the tools to bring the casinos to their knees.
Well, knowing what a blackjack hand is, and knowing how to play every hand dealt to us during the game, is a branch of another tree. People are playing blackjack for real money in the casinos, whose total amount of experience is a weekly blackjack game with family members  on the kitchen table every Friday night.

I remember playing this game in the garage, down the cellar, behind the bam, in vacant lots, and any other place where a group of guys with a deck of cards and a pocket of pennies could play in peace. I didn't realize it then, but the most important rule of the game was that every person who got dealt a blackjack would then have the honor (privilege) of being the dealer.

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Of course, you had to have enough money to book all the bets and a lot of times ended up "selling the right to be the dealer" to anyone who had a comic book or baseball card thrown in as a bonus. I didn't realize how powerful it was to be the dealer, but after sitting through a couple of sessions in the real world (a casino), it is obvious why they have the contract of dealing every band.

Way back when, I was one of the dorks who sold the "dealership" for a few coins, with a comic book thrown in, because I didn't know any better. When I finally wised up, I started retaining the right to deal, because it was more profitable. Then these wise guys couldn't buy me with their cheesy comic books.

However, eventually some smart aleck zeroed in on (one) of my weaknesses and threw in a copy of Playboy, to get the deal from me. They thought they could tempt this sharp guy with a maneuver like that. Who did they think they were dealing with a dope? Well, they were right. I collected over three hundred copies of Playboy and still have them. Hey, I didn't say I wasn't privy to a bribe like that. After all, I'm only human but that's another story.

The point is, not being able to deal, as in the casinos, places us at a distinct disadvantage:

1.    We have to make our decisions before the dealer.
2.    Without seeing the dealer's down card, we could be hitting our hard hand of 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 vs. his power card, unaware that the dealer had a 5 down and was in just as bad a position as us.

So, blackjack starts right off by disallowing us the right to be in the driver's seat (dealing). That is a big strike against us.

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