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by: Adam Darwin.
Do you truly understand the ways in which progressive jackpots can influence your odds when it comes to taking home a massive amount of winnings?
This is an issue that sadly has gone under-evaluated in the minds of many Internet gamblers. Bearing in mind that the progressive jackpot is most generally found with online slots and video poker options, it can be said that a certain type of player is generally put in a position of contributing to - and potentially winning - a progressive jackpot. Slots players, in general, are not known it for having an extremely firm grasp on statistical probabilities to a degree that would qualify them as truly savvy gamblers. While that may sound like some kind of generalization, the numbers bear it out.

In the case of video poker, however, there is a substantial deal strategy brought to bear in terms of a long-term winning strategy. It is these players who generally tend to take a more enlightened approach towards the progressive jackpot. If you should happen to be a regular player of a video poker, it would be worthwhile to examine issue in a bit of detail.

Obviously, the defining feature of a progressive jackpot, regardless of what type of game you are planning, is that it increases in value every single time the game is played. This is accomplished by linking multiple machines together, each of them drawing upon the contributions of a number of players. There is only one type of player that you absolutely do not want to be at any time: the kind who continually feeds into the progressive jackpot
without positioning him- or herself to have even a remote chance of claiming it.

Ganging Up?

So, how do you go about increasing your chances of winning the progressive jackpot? Well, one alternative is largely based on how popular you may happen to be. Some people have been known to form “teams” that log onto the same game that happens to offer a progressive jackpot. Working in shifts, these teams keep betting in order to elevate their chances for hitting that elusive progressive jackpot.

If it seems the you like there’s something just a little bit shady about this team oriented approach, your instinct is right on the money. When there are multiple people joining forces or a single progressive jackpot, the individual player has even slimmer chance of winning than he or she would under normal circumstances. In fact, a number of reputable online gambling
destinations institute a “no team play” policy, and these organizations will not hesitate to penalize you if they catch engaging in this practice.
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Get the Advantage

So beyond gaining up with a bunch of buddies the former team, how can you improve your chances of winning? The best thing to do is to adopt a strategy that is known as advantage play. This entails restricting the number of bets strictly to those that meed the requirements of the strategy’s guidelines. Specifically, you only wager when dealing with a “positive expectation” situation. This is designated as a situation in which the house odds are lower than your own, which is known as the “break-even” point. Be advised that it’s only possible to assess the break-even point with video poker games offering a progressive jackpot. You cannot benefit similarly while playing slots, which is just one of many reasons why “serious” gamblers (meaning those determined to leave the casino wealthier than they entered) don’t bother to play this particular game.

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