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by: Chris Bibey.
Slot machine success is based mainly on luck. If you are not winning it does not have much to do with what you are doing as a player. This is not the same with other games that take skill, such as poker.


Have you had any success playing slot machines in the past? If you answered yes to this question you are probably in good position to continue this success well into the future. But if you answered no, it is safe to say that you are worried if the tide will ever change. The fact of the matter is that every player has a varying level of slot machine success. You should remember that this can change on a moment’s notice, though.

With slot machines you are hoping that you choose the right machine when it is getting ready to pay out. There is not much that you can do on an individual basis to make yourself achieve more success.

If you have never had success playing slot machines this does not mean you should stop. You never know when you are going to begin to win. And remember this as well: if you are having fun you should continue to play no matter if you are winning or losing. It is nice to win, and is something to strive for, but if you are having fun you will always head back to the slots.

So how much slot machine success have you had? Even if you have never won big, don’t give up. The next spin may be the one that turns you into a rich man!

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