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by: Chris Bibey.
If you have been playing slot machines for a long time, such as 30 years or more, it is safe to say that you have seen many changes.

To go along with this, the advent of online casinos has also brought a new dimension to the wonderful world of slots. Does the amount of time you have been playing slots have anything to do with the success that you have?

In most cases, since slots are based on luck, your experience has nothing to do with how often or how much you win. Somebody who is playing slots for the first time could hit the jackpot on their first bet; this is the way that machines are set up. On the opposite side of things, there are players who have been gambling at slots for many years and have never taken home more than a few hundred bucks.

Of course, it is nice to think that slot machines will keep you around for so long. Do you ever stop to think why so many players continually bet on these machines even if they never win a lot? The simple answer is that they are fun to play. Even if you are not winning, or are only taking home minimal amounts, you will still enjoy slots because of what they have to offer. This is more than you can say for many other casino games.

No matter if you have been playing slot machines your entire life or since yesterday, you will have fun. And remember, your experience is not going to dictate whether or not you win. This is left to the random number generator and pure luck!

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