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Posted: 2006/03/24 by: J. Phillip Vogel. Slots, Online slots stories.
Match Bonus: One of the most common player incentives, match bonus programs award patrons with cash comps that are equal in value to the amount of the first new deposit each month.
For example, let’s say you deposited $50 in January and exhausted your bankroll by the end of the month.� On February 3rd, you deposit another $50, your first deposit for the new month. The casino will then match that deposit dollar-for-dollar, giving you a new bankroll of $100.�

Percentage Bonus:
As previously discussed, online casinos sometimes offer new players a bonus based on a percentage of their initial deposit.� Some casinos now offer this type of bonus to returning players as well, awarding it based on the first new deposit each month, just like you were a new player.�
However, be aware that the same bonus rules may not apply to returning players.
For example, when you originally signed-up and made your first deposit, the bonus may have been 100% or more. Subsequent deposits may only yield a bonus equal to 20% or less.

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Rewards for Play:
Unlike deposit-based bonuses, some casino comps are based on previous play, rather than on a current deposit.� Two major loyalty programs of this nature include cash back programs and player’s clubs.

Cash Back Programs:��
Rather than just hand over a bonus based on a single deposit, a few enterprising sites have developed cash back programs that refund players a portion of their total losses over the previous month.�
One casino, for example, gives players a monthly bonus equal to 10% of their monthly net losses, while winners receive a 1% bonus based on their winning balance.

Player’s Club:
Similar to the comp programs found in traditional casinos, a player’s club in an online casino awards patrons points for play.� That is, for every X amount of dollars wagered the casino awards one point to the player.�
Over time, these points accumulate in the player’s account, and when enough have been earned may be exchanged for casino cash.� Although the point system varies, players typically receive one point for every $10 wagered, and can begin cashing these in at 1,000.
In addition, some sites provide players with incentives to hold the points longer.�
For example, the one casino awards players $25.00 for 2,500 points, but $52.50 for 5,000 points, $2.50 more than what would be earned by cashing in 2,500 points twice.

Specialty Rewards:
While sign-up bonuses and loyalty programs represent the major bonus incentives offered by online casinos, there are also a variety of specialty bonuses out there that are often overlooked, but nonetheless potentially lucrative.

Referral Programs:
To help draw in new clientele, many casinos offer a referral fee to players who can get their friends and/or family members to play on the site.� These rewards are usually minimal, ranging from a flat $20 to 5% of the new player’s initial deposit.
But if you have a lot of friends or family interested in gambling online, it could be worth the effort.

Deposit Options:
Some sites award players additional cash bonuses for deposits made via specified methods.� For example, one online casino offers players an additional 20% initial deposit
bonus for using IGM-Pay to fund their account.

Variable Bonuses:
Occasionally, sites will offer extra bonus opportunities to mark some special event, such as a new game being launched or in celebration of a holiday.� They may take any number of forms, like an extra 20% bonus on all deposits for a week, or free cash to a lucky player chosen at random.�
To get an idea of the type of special bonuses a site offers, check out their Promotions Page, or review the archives of their member newsletter.

The bonus incentives offered by online casinos are as diverse as the sites that offer them. Some are available only once, while others can be renewed throughout the life of your account.� Although not every bonus will turn a mediocre bankroll into a gold mine, no matter how large or small it is, any bonus is still valuable ammunition in your battle against the house.