Roulette gambling strategy
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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online roulette gambling articles.
The examples in this article are based on Red, but it could be on any of the six outside bets, called your Dominant. The previous article had you betting Red on every spin. This article has you betting Red only after it shows.
Theory behind this method is based on fact you are looking for streaks.

Since a streak begins after the first hit, you'll be in on any streak or trend of red at that table. This method can also be used to follow whichever Dominant you have decided to concentrate on.

The Dominant should be decided upon beforehand and then the tables are charted to find one where your Dominant is showing.

A chopping table will hurt you. But again and again I remind you your Loss Limit is always there to protect you.
Also, let's say you get stuck in a chopping pattern and the following sequence occurs.

a. Red shows and you bet red,
b. Black shows and you lose,
c. Red shows and you bet red,
d. Black shows and you lose,
e. Red shows and you bet red,
f. Black shows and you lose,
g. Red shows and you bet red,
h. Black shows and you lose.

You don't need someone to pop you on the bean to I you they're grinding you away. If you had preset 3 ops or 4 chops as your signal to leave the table, then you'd avoid a wipe out.

That's the beauty of setting these Loss Limits. They keep you out of deep, deep trouble. Incidentally, 4 straight chops and I want you scooting.
Again, the Regression System should be used and e starting Series amount should be either $10, $8, or $7.

The beauty of this system is that it gets you on every streak of the Dominant you chose and all you give up is e first hit of the streak. In other words, suppose you were betting "Follow the Red" and number 9 Red shows. Now you jump on Red and ride out the whole streak.

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All you're giving up is the first rung of the streak (9), it you catch the balance of that Trend. When Black shows, you stop betting and don't bet again until Red appears.
If during the run, a zero or double zero appears, you se half your bet and that Series is over. You start again by waiting for your Dominant to show.
In the Casinos where zero and double zero do not constitute a half loss of your wagers, naturally it is the id of that Series.

One final word on this method and it has to do with my conservative approch to gambling. If Red is your Dominant and you decide to play every spin of the wheel, waiting for the Red streak to show, you're putting yourself in the position of having a streak on Black wipe you out.

I believe that giving up the first hit of a streak, by playing 'Follow the Red', is worth the times that you'll get caught with a long run of the opposite side showing.
You can use this method on any of the six outside bets and the up coming chapter will show you how to play a couple of them at the same time.

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