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by: Chris Bibey.
If you play slots  you are going to lose from time to time,  this don't mean you should stop playing slots, because slot machines are exciting and also you have the chance of winning a lot.

When playing slots you are sure to win some and lose some. In fact, you will probably lose more than you win. That being said, you can still take home more money than you started with if you know what you are doing. Just because you lose a few times does not mean you should stop playing slots – this is not the best approach to the game.

With slot machines you should expect to lose. This is never fun, but it is part of the game that you have to get used to. Slot machines are setup to make the casino money, and this is something you should know before you ever start playing. With a random number generator you never know which reels are going to show up on the screen after your next wager.

If you want to make the most of your slots playing experience you should become comfortable with the fact that you are going to lose from time to time. There is no way around this. With each bet you are giving yourself the chance to win. All you can hope for is that the next spin of the reels is going to increase the size of your balance.

Slot machines are exciting, even if you are losing. It is not fun to deal with a losing streak, but just when you have had enough your luck may change and you will find that winning is more than possible.