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Posted: Monday, September 28th 2009 by: Chris Bibey.
When trying to choose a slot machine many questions probably enter your mind including: what is the difference between machines? If you don’t know the differences you will have a difficult time actually choosing somewhere to play.

Fortunately, learning the difference between slot machines is easier than many players believe. All it takes is some knowledge and a few seconds of your time.

The main difference and the one that most people notice is the minimum required bet. Some slot machines only require a bet of one penny, whereas others require a dollar or much more. How much do you want to wager? Your budget will show you which machines you can afford, as well as the ones that you should probably stay away from for the time being.

As you continue to compare machines you will also find that some of them are different in how much they payout. You can find this information listed on the machine at the casino or online. See how much you can potentially win for the type of bet you are making. With a progressive slot machine your winnings can be well into the six figures. Do you only want to play machines with large jackpots ? If so, this may narrow down your list a little bit but you will still have plenty of options.

There are many differences between slot machines. To get a real good feel for what is out there you should really play a few games. Firsthand experience will show you once and for all which slot machines are best for you.

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