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by: Frank Scoblete. Slots, Online casino gambling articles.
Dice players go all the way back to the dawn of history and even then, you probably had shamans and scammers controlling the dice as the onlookers asked the gods for their advice.We know that dice control was practiced in the 20th century with carpet rolls, helicopter shots, and stackers.
When dice became the favored game in the casinos, the house structured the game to win more decisions or to tax a player’s win. And to make sure it would win, the house also put foam-rubber pyramids on the walls of the craps table and the shooters had to hit those pyramids. Doing so would make the game random and a random game favored the house. Then they also put into effect all those high house-edge bets that the foolish make to really assure the casinos a profit on the game.

There were probably craps players in the 1950s and 1960s that had developed controlled throws and were able to get small edges over the house. However, the first man to articulate the kind of throw necessary to beat the casino’s game of craps was the Captain. He, along with the greatest dice controller I ever saw, a woman nicknamed the Arm, and one of his “crew” members, Jimmy P., won millions from the casinos between 1978 and the mid 1990s, when the Arm retired due to severe arthritis. Jimmy P. passed away at that time, too.

But even as I write this sentence, the Captain, in his 80s, is still playing and winning at craps. He now plays once or twice a week, whereas in the 1980s and 1990s, he played four or five times a week. I’ve written several books about him and his methods of play, the latest two are Forever Craps: The Five Step Advantage-Play Method and The Craps Underground: The Inside Story of How Dice Controllers are Winning Millions from the Casinos!

The Captain’s throw is the model of the controlled throw that Golden Touch teaches. There are other kinds of controlled throws. The Arm, for example, had a throw that was uniquely hers. I have never seen a throw like it. Although many of us have attempted to duplicate it, no one has yet succeeded. From our research, however, the Captain’s throw seems to be the best suited for the modern casino craps table. The other throws we have seen, except for the Arm’s, just don’t have the power of the Captain’s throw. Dominator and I have personally seen hundreds of self-styled controlled shooters and those who attempt other throws just don’t seem to have the goods.

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This book, the most complete guide to dice throwing the Golden Touch way, is an advanced book for players who are looking to move into the advantage-play category. You will find all the elements in a winning dice throw, in words and pictures, as well as astute wagering advice and what to do when you are forced to play at tables with random shooters – those shooters no one can get an edge over.

An interesting side note concerns women. Although 95 percent of craps players are men, Golden Touch has many women shooters in our fold. We believe that women are by and large natural shooters and benefit much more readily and rapidly from practice. We are not quite sure why this is so. It could be that women naturally have better control of the muscles necessary to make a good craps throw. It might be that the women attracted to craps are extremely hard working. It might just be a mystery.
In this book, you’ll get to listen to many of the world’s greatest dice controllers as they comment on aspects of the craft. But the one person we should hear from first is the Captain. After all, he really started all this, so it’s only fitting that we let him launch this book and your education.


The Captain: I guess it’s now pretty well known that you can beat craps if you learn to control your shot and bet intelligently. You have to do both things to win at the game. If you play as recreation, not professionally, you will find yourself at tables with random shooters who will lose you money. Most of them you will have to eliminate if you wish to have your skill overcome the house edge and the edge these other players give the house by their random rolling. Most rhythmic rollers will not have edges in the double digits; that’s a lot to expect. But if you can achieve between a five and ten percent edge, and you eliminate those random rollers, you should be able to make money at this game.

Craps is a great game. I have been playing it since the late 1930s. But craps is more fun when you have an edge. Most gamblers have no idea of how to win and the casinos cater to those gamblers because they lose hundreds of millions of dollars. You will also have to appear as if you are a normal casino gambler when you play. Casinos are not going to want to see you destroying them on regular visits. I would recommend that you play at many different casinos or make sure that your friends at the tables are random rollers.

Even if you were to be an extraordinary shooter with a ten percent edge, the game can still be humbling. You will have good days and bad days. You must get ready to lose in order to be able to win. Losses should not throw you into a tailspin. You must be able to manage your money so that you aren’t worried about your money. Those bad days can hurt you if you allow your emotions to get to you. Rhythmic rolling requires a clearness of mind and an understanding that what you are doing in the casino is a contest between two powerful forces – the casino and you. The casino has the game; you have the skill to beat that game if you can control your emotions and if you allow yourself to shoot as you have trained yourself to shoot. Some [athletes] are great in practice but when the time comes to actually do it in the contest, they lose their heart or get intimidated. Don’t let that happen to you.
I know and Frank and Dominator and the Golden Touch crew know that craps can be beaten. The only question for you is this – Will you be able to beat the game?

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