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by: Adam Darwin.
The way to get slots bonus funds released into your account is by clearing the bonus. Some people don�t even think about this. They know if they play long enough, the bonus goes into their account and it will be a nice surprise when it does.
Others predicate their entire online casino strategy on clearing the online bonus. These players are sometimes called “loot and scoot” players.

How Does “Loot and Scoot” Work?

Essentially, the idea of loot and scoot is to give yourself a positive expectation in slot games that normally have a House edge by only playing for as long as it takes to clear your casino bonus. The idea is that a certain slot machine has a one percent House edge, meaning you can expect to lose one cent out of every dollar you play. If you need to wager $1,000 to clear a $100 bonus, you can expect to lose $10 on average by the time your bonus clears. When it clears, you withdraw the money, escaping with a $90 profit.

What Are the Drawbacks to “Loot and Scoot?”

You must find a slot with an extremely low House edge. Furthermore, once you clear the bonus, you need to move on, meaning you are always bonus hunting and always looking for new sites. After the first few, this practice can become difficult. In addition, as with any gambling game, there is considerable variance, so you are not guaranteed to escape with exactly (Bonus Amount) – (House Edge)*(Wagering Requirement) every time.

What Are the Benefits to “Loot and Scoot?”

If done correctly, you can come away a consistent winner at online slots gambling, which is not always possible considering the built in House edge. You will need to decide if the amount you can clear in bonuses is worth the effort required.

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