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by: John Grochowski. Slots, Online slots stories.
Casino players love to share their tales of riches. There are enough days that the house comes out on top that big wins are moments to savor.It seems I started something of an avalanche when I wrote several weeks ago of hitting two $1,200 video poker jackpots within five hands. That led to an outpouring of e-mail and phone calls from video poker players with their own tales of riches.
I shared some of those stories three weeks ago, and mentioned that I hadn't heard from slot players. Now I have. A couple of dozen slot players have contacted me to tell me of their own rapid-fire jackpots, including some on back-to-back spins of the reels.

I appreciate the feedback, and regret only that there's not space for everybody's story here. Let's take a look at a few, starting with an e-mail from Robin:

On my birthday two years ago, I was playing the $1 Wheel of Fortune. I was on a Red, White and Blue machine, and I hit the Red, White and Blue 7's for $1600! While I was waiting for the payout, I put $20 in the machine and within two spins I hit the Red, White and Blue 7s again for another $1600!

I also had a day to remember one month later. I was playing a $1 Double Double Bonus Poker machine. I hit four Aces with a kicker for $2,000 followed two hands later by a Royal flush for $4,000. I couldn't believe my luck. I decided to leave before noon. That evening I came back with a friend and played the same machine. Through various hands, but not another royal, I left with an additional $8,000 that night on the same machine I had won on in the morning.

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Triple Diamond was the game in an e-mail from Mary:

In regards to back-to-back jackpots, my boyfriend won two jackpots within three spins on the Triple Diamond, two-coin low-boy $1 machine. We asked the attendant if that happened very often, he said very rarely.

E-mail also brought me this note from Pete, a retired newspaper colleague who is in touch frequently.

I've never had two jackpots in a row, but I did witness it in Las Vegas. I stopped at one of my two favorite video poker venues, the El Cortez downtown. While taking a break, I went to the slot carousel just in back of the poker machines. While I was waiting for a hand-pay on the Red, White and Blue slot, I heard a lady yell out in back of me and saw she had the top jackpot on a Double Diamond. When they paid off and asked her to play the winner off, she hit it again. Never saw that before and haven't since!

Back-to-back Double Diamonds_now, that's a nice payday.

Another back-to-back winner was Joan. Her husband Jack phoned in to tell the

She was playing the Five Times Pay machine. She hit a 5 with a white 7 and another 5, that was $931. They paid her off, and on her next spin she got a 5, 5 and a red 7. That was $1,100. Two thousand dollars less than five minutes apart, on back-to-back spins.

But the best story of all came by good, old snail mail. Karen wrote to tell of a big day on a progressive machine:

My two sisters and I go to Las Vegas every year. We go to a couple of shows, we go out to dinner, but mostly we play the slots. They were off playing Wheel of Fortune, but I had settled into a dollar Wild Cherry progressive. I was doing OK. In about half an hour, I'd won a little, lost a little and was down about $50 when it happened. Wild Cherry, Wild Cherry, Wild Cherry. I couldn't believe it.

The most I'd ever won at once was $1,000, and here was a progressive worth $12,841.It took a while to get paid. They had to take my ID and write down my Social Security number. They asked if I wanted cash, a check or a combination. I took $2,000 in cash, and the rest in a check. Finally, after about 20 minutes, they reset the jackpot at $5,000 and asked me to play the winning combination off the reels. Guess what? Wild Cherry, Wild Cherry, Wild Cherry.

I about fainted. I still almost faint when I think of it.

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