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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online casino gambling articles.
You think this guy has discipline? Well, if you've never seen a person with no discipline, look for the plunger. They're in every casino, at every racetrack, involved with all types of gambling.
They're called all types of names, plungers, high rollers, money men, black chip bettors, anything that sets them aside from the $5 bettor.
When they win, it is always for thousands of dollars, and when they lose, they go for a king's ransom. They plunge their winnings back into the game, always going for the big kill.

The casinos love these high rollers. That's why they shower them with rooms, meals, tickets to shows, and first class treatment. The people who run the casino, are no dummies. They realize that to feed the ego of these high rollers, with a few complimentary gifts, keeps these players coming to the casino.

The casinos know that the more these players are favored, the more they will bet, never being content to win just a percentage of their bankroll.
It is a never ending circle, with the bankroll of the house matched against the lack of discipline of the big roller.

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I hear people talk in awe of these players, that they see betting huge amounts at the table. It is the everlasting dream of every bettor to one day "break the bank."
At the other end of the spectrum is the big bettor himself. In private, these people tell me that they have lost interest in betting $25 and $100 chips and are now bored, unless they can bet $300 and $500 per hand. These are men with families, bills, jobs, and not professional gamblers.

One particular guy, we'll call him Mal, is a constant visitor to Atlantic City. In the beginning, he went to the $10 table, but soon found that unless he was betting at least $25 a hand, he was bored.
Soon, it took the $100 and $200 bet, at either Blackjack or Craps, to hold his interest. Recently, he told me of his latest escapades in Atlantic City.

He is now into Baccarat, and was up $5,600, with a $1,000 buy in. He was betting $500 per hand, and he said he had dreams of winning $100,000. The bottom line was that he lost the $5,600, plus the $1,000 buy in.
The kicker was his comment to me, that he is now bored with Blackjack, and wants only to play Baccarat for $500 a hand. He loves the attention that betting big gives him. He has become a plunger, and has absolutely no discipline at all.

He is not a compulsive gambler, does not bet sports or horses. He is a very good Poker player and Blackjack player. But, and this is the worst part, he has no discipline, and has lost sight of any type of control in the casino. He privately admits to me that he doesn't know how to get up and walk. Do you think he will ever be a consistent winner? Definitely not.

I know it. The casinos know it. And he knows it. That's a plunger! And he has no discipline.

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