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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online casino gambling articles.
I learned that you need money to compete: A Bankroll. I learned that you'd better be an expert in the game you play: Knowledge of the Game. I learned that even with a Bankroll, you'd better know how to control it: Money Management.
I learned that there are trends in gambling, and that when you win, you'd better walk: Discipline.
Isn't it funny? Sounds like the Big 4. Well, it took me years to realize it. Many years of hard work, and disgust, and happy times, and rotten days. Having hot rolls on the dice, and then fighting red hot dealers in Blackjack. Realization came slowly. How come there were so many days that I was ahead so much money, and still left the casino a loser? I had no discipline. None. I didn't know how to win.

My dad always said: "There's nothing thicker than a thick Irishman." No doubt about it, I sure was thick.
When reality finally hit, it took many years to perfect the discipline. Seems all of the other factors were fairly easy to acquire, but discipline took some doing.

I remember one day in particular, when I was pushing very hard to make discipline work for me.
I was armed with a small bankroll, about $1,000, and had set my win goal as $200 per day.
Well, this one particular morning I walked into the California Club in downtown Las Vegas, and in 15 minutes had won $200.

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It was about 9:15 A.M., and I had already made my goal for the day. The rules called for me to stop.
I left the casino, proud as a peacock, and decided to relax for the day. I had breakfast, and went to an 11 A.M. movie. I think it was West Side Story.

When it was over, I came out, had lunch and decided to kill a few more hours at another movie.
I came out and it was about 4:30. Now what do I do? If you've never been in Las Vegas, this will sound like a crazy question. Try walking around that town, and not be able to gamble.

But I was determined to follow the rules of stopping, when I hit my goal. It was a rough job, not being able to go to a table. But I made it through that night and that could have been a beginning.
I continued setting win goals and loss limits. My approach to gambling took a complete 360' turn. Sure, it's exciting to bet a great deal of money on the turn of a card. But the losing, which can happen, eventually gets to you. It was a rough, tough transition.

I eventually acquired discipline. It is still very hard to follow the rules. It is still so tempting to take a whack at a ballgame, or a crap table when the urgency of making a killing engulfs you.

But, you know the comforting factor? I enjoy the winning. I enjoy the consistent wins, even if they are small. I am not "destroyed" after a losing day, because my bankroll can never be depleted. Not when I limit the losses to a percentage of my bankroll.
Hard? Is it hard to have discipline? You can bet your sweet life it is!
But it sure helps you win more often.
And that beats losing.


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