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by: John Grochowski. Slots, Online slots stories.
Each time I write about players who have hit jackpots under unusual circumstances--back-to-back jackpots, early jackpots that made a trip successful from the start, late jackpots that made up for days of losses--I get a flurry of e-mail from readers wanting to share their stories.
And while every regular player experiences many more losing sessions than winners, it's always fun to retell tales of triumph. Let's take a look at the latest batch.

First, there's Tillie and her dream hand:

I would like to tell you about a dream I had one afternoon while we were in Las Vegas. I dreamt that I was dealt a flush in diamonds. The cards were Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 9. I dropped the 9 and pulled the 10 of Diamonds for my royal. We were staying with my sister and husband, and I only told her about the dream. The next day, we were in the Westward Ho casino and I was playing a video poker machine. I was dealt a flush with Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 9, but in spades. I dropped the 9, and was dealt the 10 of spades for my royal! Just like my dream.

So you see, dreams can come true.

Cindy didn't have a dream like Tillie's, but the Westward Ho also figures in her tale of good fortune. She had a run of luck that started in Joliet, Illinois:

A couple of weeks ago, a few days before I left for Las Vegas, I went to the Empress in Joliet. While playing video poker, I kept a Jack and Queen of clubs and then was dealt the rest of the royal. I was able to leave the boat with a $1,000 stash for Vegas.

While in Las Vegas, I walked down the Strip going in and out of many casinos. I collect the dollar tokens from the different casinos, so I was building up my collection. My lucky hit was at the Flamingo. I walked up to a Blazing Sevens machine and put in a $20 bill. My first roll was three 7s for a payout of $300. My second roll was two 7s and a flaming 7 for a $200 payout. I consider $500 on 2 rolls a very lucky hit.

At the Westward Ho, I was playing Triple Play video poker. The hand dealt to me was Queen, King, 10, Ace and 7 of clubs. I opted to throw away the 7 ... and one of the hands did fill with the Jack of clubs for a royal flush jackpot!

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My favorite games are blackjack and video poker, so the slot machine win was a real shocker.

Jack also did a little casino hopping, with some very happy returns:

My wife and I were on our second trip to Las Vegas. This is about 15 years ago, and they didn't have the riverboats then, so it was really only the second time I'd ever gambled other than some poker with the boys.

We were on kind of a tight budget, but we did some casino hopping, playing nickel slots, quarter slots and a little quarter video poker. At Bourbon Street, my wife hit a straight flush for 250 quarters on a video poker machine at about the same time that I was hitting three 7s on a slot machine for 300 quarters. We were thrilled! At the Sands, we each hit four of a kind for 125 quarters.

The big hit came at the Tropicana, where I was dealt the King, Jack and 10 of hearts, then pulled the Ace and Queen for a royal flush. A thousand dollars! I couldn't stop shaking when they started peeling off $100 bills to pay me off.

But the really strange day was our last of the trip. We had about four hours before our plane was to leave, and we went up to the north end of the Strip to kill some time. I hadn't played any blackjack, because $5 a hand was a little rich for me, but at Silver City I could play $2 blackjack. After about 30 minutes, I had won $20. My wife was getting antsy--she wanted to take all that money home--so when we left Silver City and I headed up the Strip instead of to the parking lot, she said, "Where are you going?" I said, "Just one more stop, then we can go to the airport," and we walked to the Riviera.

At the Riveria, I bought $20 in dollar tokens. I'd heard the dollars paid more than the nickels and quarters, and since we had money now, I wanted to see. My wife just wanted to watch, so I dropped two tokens into the slot, pulled the handle, and up came three double bars, for $50. I dropped two more tokens in ... three more double bars, another $50! I put about $40 back, and we decided to leave after one last pull. Double bar ... double bar ... double bar! One last $50 for the road, and we went home more than $1,200 to the good. For a couple on a budget, that was one memorable trip.

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