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by: Gayle Mitchell. Slots, Online slots gambling advice.
The following article provides answers to slot players� questions sent to Casino Players Ezine: Slots Newsletter. Q. You helped me before in response to some of the things in your book and I thought I would ask you for some extra tips.

1. I may be going to Vegas soon.  If you were me and approaching the slots for the first time, what would you personally recommend?
2.  Double Diamonds and Red, White & Blue.  When the machine says "Deluxe" is that much of a benefit?
3.  Tell me again what is a non-progressive slot machine. Thanks for the help. Ed

A. 1) I would start with basic, single payline, two-coin max. slots to build your bankroll, then you can move on to progressives and bonus multi-line slots.
2) Deluxe versions offer the 'nudge' feature where the symbol will 'jump' or move up or down to offer a payback. They are fun to play and watch, but generally, slightly lower payouts than basic slots described in #1.
3) A non-progressive slot is a version that has a constant top jackpot that never changes, as described in #1—basic, single payline. 

Q. I love slots and this is my new plan. I will only spin 7 times on a machine. If it hasn't paid out, I move on. I never have much money to play on, so I really want to make my money last and maybe win some! $100 is about what I take into a casino. I tend to stick to the quarter slots, and fool with the 50 cents and dollars occasionally.
If YOU only had $100, what would your plan be? We will probably be in a casino in Biloxi MS or Casino Niagara. Thank you for your time. Linda.
A. First, I would choose a land-based casino or online casino that offers the highest payouts.
Start with the basic, single line slots, then with your profits you can move on to progressives and/or multi-lines. 

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Q. Heading for Sunny Vegas, how are progressives determined to pay out? Is there a certain jackpot, or certain number of spins, and how is it determined what casino it hits in? Is it all random or does any of the above play into it. Thanks for any advice you can give. Jeanette.

A. Random is the key word here, therefore the payout, casino location, # of spins are not pre-determined nor could be. There is a superstition among Vegas locals that Mega-jackpot progressives hit after new casinos open, but that has been disproved by the two giant wins at the Desert Inn and Palace Station--go figure? I would suggest that you not begin your slots experience with progressives, but with basic slots to build your bankroll, as progressives require a larger bankroll and some payouts are as low as 80%.

Q. I have enjoyed reading your book on Slots. I do the 5 or 6 coins and if nothing happens, I'm out of there.  I've done pretty well, no great jackpots, ($1300 at Horseshoe in Tunica, then turned around and won $500 on another machine), but I usually break even, and play pretty much 7 or 8 hours straight on $200. 

As long as I don't lose too much, slots are a lot of fun for a little money. Joan.
A. That’s the way to have fun in a casino on or offline and streeeeetch your gambling bankroll.

Q. I enjoy reading your comments on the latest slot machines. I have never seen it mentioned, but it seems to me that playing 45 coins on a five-cent machine is not as good a bet as playing a dollar machine. Also, I wonder if on a 20 line, five-cent machine, is it necessary to play all 20 lines or could you play five or nine lines and come out ahead?
As a senior, I gamble for amusement, not riches. Phyllis.

A.  Some good questions here. I agree that basic, single payline dollar slots with 2-3 coins max. will stretch your gambling bankroll. I normally suggest that slot players begin with the basic slots--Double, Triple Diamond or RWB 7's.
As to 20 lines, you should activate all lines, but with 1 or 2 coins per line rather than max. on 5-9 lines so you can be sure that the lines you don't activate will hit.  Hope this advice keeps you profitably amused.

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