Reading trends at a blackjack table
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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online slots gambling advice.
How do you read trends? Great question, glad you asked. And since we are covering blackjack, let me restrict this message to how you would read a certain table or dealer. Finding a trend at a table is called chatting, and this will be covered in a little while. So we chart the table to catch a possible trend that will show at that table.
The thing that amazes me is people like my friend Etch E. Pantts who can't wait to get into action. He will rush into a casino and jump onto the first stool he can find, completely unaware of how the trend at that table is going.

That dealer could be scorching hot, pulling cards out of his left ear, and wiping out every player who is already involved. Sure, he could also be ice cold, but what's so hard about taking a few minutes to make sure?
When I chart a blackjack table, and I wouldn't even dream of playing until I checked out what was happening, I use two factors:

1. The number three
2. The dealer's up card

Since all of the decisions we make are based on the dealer's up card, I wanna see what sort of pattern that dealer is in regarding the cards that get displayed.
So I "chart" the dealer's up card until I see three consecutive weak cards (2 3 4 5 6 7) or any combination of such.
The backup is three out of four weak cards, and at that point, I would buy in at that table. At least I know that dealer is somewhat weak over a period of hands and at least I would have the opportunity of doubling and splitting against those weak cards.
If the dealer is constantly showing power cards, such as 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, or Ace (8 is neutral), then anyone at that table will be going through tough times.
Here's a series of hands, whereby I've shown you the up card of the dealer. Would you buy in at that table?

5 8 10 jack 7 2 Queen 9 Ace 4 9 7 5

If you were sitting at that table and had to buck those up cards, do you think you would have a solid chance of racking up a string of wins? I sure wouldn't wanna be at that table, and Etch E. Pantts, who jumped up on that stool, is probably wishing he wasn't either.
Of the thirteen hands, at no time did the dealer display three weak cards in a row, or even three out of four! I would merely pass on that table and start charting another one, where either first base or third base was open.
Looking for trends is one important part of your day. Yes, it may be time consuming and you probably have a couple of dollars burning a hole in your pocket, but if you're serious about playing blackjack, you'd better be prepared to treat it as a job.

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