Progressive Jackpot Slots History
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by: Gayle Mitchell. Slots, Online slots stories.
Once upon a time, there were lottery tickets to build dreams on and then IGT, the slot manufacturer, with the loud approval of their casino clients, introduced the first progressive slot in March of 1986. This network of slots was connected locally, then expanded to participating gaming states, nationwide and now there is an international link that reaches into Canada, Europe and the Orient.
IGT, always the vanguard in slots land, was followed by Bally’s Thrillion series slots and Aristocrat’s Hyperlink slot systems. The many versions of progressive slots from these three slot manufacturers include familiar names like MegaBucks, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Betty Boop, Blondie and Cash Express.

These slot versions are leased by the participating casinos that receive a small percentage, while
the manufacturers maintain the equipment and pay out the ‘millionaire producing’ slot jackpots.
Some casinos place exclusive or proprietary slot progressives.

The largest slot machine jackpot at a land-based casino of $39,713,982. was won on Friday March 21 2003 on an IGT Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. The winner, who requested anonymity, was a 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles. He said he had played about $100 on the slot machine when he turned his head away from it for an instant. When he looked at the slot machine again, the winning symbols had lined up.
Since the beginning, more than 250 slot millionaires have emerged thanks to IGT slots.

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How do these ever-increasing slot jackpots grow? Well, approximately 10% of every dollar fed into the progressive slot goes directly to the primary jackpots awaiting the ‘magic winning touch’. Because of this feature, progressive slots overall payback percentages will not be as high as basic slots with a constant jackpot amount.

Most players are not aware that there are two levels of progressive slot jackpots -- primary and secondary.
A ‘primary’ slot jackpot is the top prize award with the specific combination ‘hit’. In the case of the Megabucks slot machine, these are the ‘Megabuck’ symbols that lined up correctly produce a bountiful payday.

This top jackpot is usually displayed with the biggest sign and numbers above the carousel or bank of slot machines.
Secondary slots jackpots are displayed on smaller screens mounted below the big screen of the primary jackpot. These are hit more frequently and therefore will not payout as large a sum of money.

Before playing any single group of slot progressives, check out the primary and secondary jackpots, and then compare other surrounding slot progressives to see how high those jackpots are relative to their starting amounts.
Additionally, slot machine progressives online offer an attractive option to play these massive jackpot slots.
Several sites track slot progressive totals as they grow, so you can best determine the ideal bet.
After a slot progressive jackpot is hit, the meter automatically resets to the base jackpot amount.

And now to the future of slot progressives, most of which is happening already. I believe you will find that million dollar jackpots will become the norm and paid as an ‘instant win’ instead of a 20-year wait.
Online high-dollar slot progressives are here and can only multiply to the delight of all slot players. Very soon, everyone will be able to make that ‘golden spin’.

Have fun with this ‘special line of slots’ and be sure to bet maximum coin every time and in the end may all your slot progressive wins be progressively profitable.

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