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Posted: 2005/12/08 by: John Patrick. Slots, Online casino gambling articles.
Can't you just picture a school teacher, armed with eight years of grammar school, four years of high school, four years of college, two years for a master's degree, and two more for a Doctorate in Mathematics, teaching fifth grade students about basic arithmetic?
There's nothing mysterious about the art of Discipline. Everyone needs it, in every walk of life.

The tremendous amount of knowledge she has, must be repressed, so that she can reach the level of her students. The temptation is to fill their heads with her wealth of knowledge. But discipline must be used. She has to bring them along slowly, not belt them with things that will overwhelm them. That's discipline.

A guy painting a house, on a contract basis, has the homeowner's guarantee of payment on a written document. He knows he's going to be paid when the job is finished. But he can't paint that house in two days. He must scrape and smooth every nook and cranny on that house, preparing for a neat paint job. The temptation to rush the job, grab the money and run, is always there. But do a couple of rotten pieces of work, and you'll not be hired again. So, he has to learn to practice discipline, taking his time, and making sure his work is good enough to get return engagements. That is a form of discipline.

You must discipline yourself to accomplish most anything you do. Why not, then in gambling? Why not, in a game you know so little about? Why is it that people just cannot admit that they know nothing about the proper way to win at gambling?

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I give lectures to various clubs, groups, and organizations on the subject of gambling, usually casino games. The people I meet are simply awed by the fact that they know so little about the game they play, and particularly money management and discipline.

They offer various excuses as to why they cannot exhibit discipline, all of them ridiculous. The most common excuse for not practicing discipline, is the statement: "Well, I only go down to the casinos twice a year, and I don't want to be governed by any rules. I figure I'll contribute my $300, and have a good time while I'm there."
In the next breath, they'll ask: "But how come I always lose? Isn't it possible to win sometimes?"

These people want to win, but go to the tables with ideas that prevent any chance of winning. They play to lose, thinking they can't win. Even when they get ahead, they feel it's an accident, and give it back.
Discipline is the hardest thing to accomplish in a casino. It is completely restrictive. Most people who gamble dream of big killings, and multi thousand dollar paydays. Discipline doesn't prohibit big wins, but, calls for a lot of caution, and, as a result, is primarily designed to provide small wins.

Discipline is an art rarely practiced by people who gamble. The ones who are way ahead, throw caution to the wind, figure they are playing "with the casino's money," and shovel their bets in wildly.

The people who are losing, forget to restrict their losses, figuring they are "due" to win. They double up, hoping for a change in their fortunes. If you are cold on a certain day, you'd better realize that you could stay that way for a while.

The best thing to do when you're losing consistently, is to pack it in. Cash your chips and wait for another day.
That's self control. That's discipline.

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