Blackjack gambling strategy - The little three

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By John Patrick Posted: 2005/12/29
The previous article zeroed in on the four absolutely, positively, mandatory things you need to have a shot at winning at any type of gambling. Don't you dare venture into a casino or sports book or racetrack lacking any one of those biggies.

Now comes a couple of things that are also important, but just a freckle away from joining the Big Four. Besides, calling something the Big Seven doesn't plant the seed of necessity into the minds of gamblers. In addition, if a person who gambles is as dense as "yours truly" when it comes to numbers, then having to count to seven becomes a chore. So, I keep the most important in the Big Four, and follow up with another grouping called the Little Three. The reason I call it the Little Three is because there are going to be three items listed in that grouping.

Man, is there no end to my genius? Probably not, but the genius part is not knowing what the different necessities are, but actually having the brains to acquire these things and put them into play. If you don't know what this second list is, let me fill you in:

1. Theory
2. Logic
3. Trends

Before you bust a gasket in your brain, trying to figure how they relate to gambling, let me explain in detail:

1.��� Theory:
Any undertaking has to be carefully thought out completely and decisions made as to how to carry out that project. Well, gambling falls under that description of a project in work, and I have a theory as to how to gamble. This theory is very conservative and geared to cut losses and get people to accept small returns. That is my theory on how gambling should be approached. I will give you my theory, which I hope you will study and decide if you wish to follow it.

2.��� Logic:
Everything to do with gambling requires a logicalthinking pattern. For instance, in blackjack if you are dealt a King/6 versus the dealer's up card of Jack, it is logical to hit that hard 16 versus the power card. You don't wanna sit there and allow the dealer to turn over a 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, or Ace and beat you. So, logically, you have to try and strengthen that hard 16. That is pure and simple logic. So, as we go through these chapters, I shall give you advice and then give you a logical reason as to why you should do it.

3.��� Trends:
Aha, this is the third and most important part of the Little Three. I should have put it with the Big Four, because it is so important. But then the Little Three would be the Little Two, and that is way too little. Anyhow, I don't have to explain trends here because it is so important that it gets its own full chapter. I bet you can hardly wait.

And there you have the Little Three, which when coupled with the Big Four, gives you a 50 50 chance of winning!

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