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Posted: Wednesday, March 11th 2009 by: Chris Bibey.
Being down on your slot machine luck is never fun. This means that you are playing and making bets but not winning very often.

If you feel like you are alone you should rethink your situation. Just because you feel alone does not mean that you are the only player who is down on their luck. This happens to players who have a lot of slot machine experience , as well as those who are just playing.

When you are down on your luck you need to make some changes. This does not have to be drastic, but you definitely want to consider what you can do. For instance, maybe you are spending too much time at one slot machine. In this case changing to a new machine could be the move that gets you out of your funk. The same holds true for players who are losing too much money. By finding a slot machine that is more affordable you can easily remedy any issue with your budget.

If you are down on your slot machine luck , remember this: you will break free soon enough. There is no reason to believe that you will stay unlucky for years on end. Soon enough something will change, and your luck will get better. When this happens you will immediately feel better about your situation. And that is all you need to have a better outlook on the future.

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