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by: Chris Bibey.
Are you having fun with each pull of the lever, win or lose? If so, you are playing the right slot machines. Remember, you are never going to win every bet but you can definitely have fun no matter what.
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How do you know if you are playing the right slot machines? This is a tough question. But no matter how confused you may be you need to find an answer. Remember, you want to spend your time and money playing the slot machines you believe in the most. Once you have a few that suit your needs you will definitely find it easier to settle into a comfort zone.

 Be sure you choose to play slot machines that will allow you to have fun at all times.

As you move on, you will probably decide that winning has a lot to do with whether or not you are playing the “right” slot machine. You definitely want to consider the importance of winning , but don’t let this be the only thing you look at. Remember, winning is fun but you need to have fun along the way as well.

If you can combine a high level of entertainment with success you are going to find yourself in love with a certain few slot machines. Once you decide which machines are best for you, they are the ones you should play as often as possible. Why spend your time and money at slot machines that you are not going to enjoy as much as you could? This doesn’t make sense. Settle in with a few machines that suit your needs, and stick with them for the time being. 

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