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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online roulette gambling articles.
The series is over and you start all over with 5 5 4 3. You don't have to be a genious to figure out that the amount of options that can spring from a long winning Series could cause a shortage in the sharpest of computers.
Yet I want those options right on the tip of your brain. For instance, go to the sixth bet (f) above, where you laid out chips of 8 8 7 6. You've picked up a healthy profit to this point and insured yourself a winning Series and Session. That seventh bet doesn't have to be 11 11 10 9. It could be any one of the following:

    1.    8 8 7 6    6. 6 6 4 3
    2.    8 8 6 5    7. 5 5 4 3
    3.    8 8 5 4    8. 9 9 8 7
    4.    7 7 6 5    9. 9 9 6 5
    5.    7 7 5 4    10.10 10 8 7

This is just a few of the combinations, but that is up to each individual. Look at no. 7 option. If you like to play conservative, go all the way back to 5 5 4 3, by inserting a regression move here, or anywhere else you choose. Then you start back up the ladder again.

Work out various combinations of progressing bets and regressing bets at all the different levels. See which one finally strikes your fancy. Do it with chips and notice how even a three or four spin winning streak will kick off a nice return. You may then want to play extra aggressive by increasing your outlays, but still bringing back some profit each spin. My way would be to increase proportionately and then sticking in a regression somewhere along the way.

Put a gun to my head and I'll give you my humble opinion of exactly how I would have handled that long run.
Remember, you lost the first two spins and then won with an outlay of 6 6 4 3. Assuming we stayed wth the 19 chip outlay, the next spin was a winner and kicked off a profit of 13 chips. I showed you what would happen if you decided to pull back a 13 chip profit and bet a grouping of 7 7 5 4.

That was an increase of one chip per grouping. But there were options as to how much you 'pulled' back and how much you went 'up' with your bet.

To further cloud your mind, you could also have regressed after that win and come out with bets of 4 4 3 2. That would have locked up a bigger profit, reduced your subsequent bets, and still kept you alive for that Series. The subsequent wins would have then allowed you to 'up' and ‘pull,’ as was explained, or as you had decided to play.

Remember one other strong point. As the Series continues, there is reference to the fact that you increased each grouping by two chips after two wins at each level. Keep in mind that you may also insert a Regress bet any time you choose. That means that after you won several spins in a row, you could have regressed the next bet to a lower outlay.

Go back to the example of what to bet as the wins continued to show. Look at bet lettered "e"   where you had 8 8 7 6 chips at risk. You won and I showed the sixth bet as being 8 8 7 6.

If you so desired   you could have inserted a regress bet in that position and came out with 6 6 5 4. If that won, you could have done this:

a. Stayed the same at 6 6 5 4.
b. Started back up with 7 7 6 5.
c. Went up to 8 8 6 5.
d. Regressed again to 5 5 4 3.

And every single, solitary subsequent win is subject to the exact same set of fluxuating options.
Finally, here is my opinion of a continuing Series. We were at 6 6 4 3 when a win occurred, so we're in a Series:

a.  First bet  
b.  Second bet 
c.  Third bet 
d.  Fourth bet   
e.  Fifth bet     6-6-5-4
f.   Sixth bet     
g.  Seventh bet  
h.  Eighth bet  
i.   Ninth bet     9-9-8-7
i.  Tenth bet    

Notice there were three regressions in that Series. You might like to regress three times, or maybe only once, but definitely get a regression in your Series  preferably around the 4th or 5th win.

This was a taxing, long chapter. It entailed much information that is essential to your play, so review it as much as you can.
The next chapter will wrap up options of bets and then you make your decision as to what you will use as your 'Series.'
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