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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online roulette gambling articles.
These are going to be the patterns you will follow in your betting Series the all important segment of your day that determines how much you win when you catch a streak. Don't miss a single paragraph.
The previous article outlined the basic bet for this system, so let's review the play up to this point and then go into what you bet after a win and what to bet after a loss; called Series betting.

a.    You've predetermined to play the Action Number System.
b.    Chart tables until you find one showing action numbers.
c.    Buy in, set Win Goal and Loss Limit.
d.    Decide on initial bet of your Series (using dollar chips).

Suppose you begin with the grouping from the previous chapter (listed as c.). That calls for six chips on the double streets of 10 thru 13 and 28 thru 33, with three chips on the quad and four chips on insurance.

A couple of chapters ahead, you're gonna see a method called Up and Pull. It is far and away the whole Theory of my gambling, wrapped into these three little words: Up and Pull. You'll understand what it's about when you get to it. It'll be used in every Series you play during your gambling lifetime.

It entails upping your bets and pulling back a profit after every win. I just want you to be aware of what's coming cause you're going to get a taste of that method in this chapter.

As you prepare to start this Session, keep in mind that if you lose the first four spins that Session is over.
OK, you have your 19 chips in place and the first spin shows a 35. You lose. Next spin is completed and this time number 8 shows. Again you lose. At this point you have two options in your betting outlay:

1.    Bet same number of chips (19).
2.    Regress each bet by 1 chip (total outlay now 15 chips).
a. 5 chips on 10 thru 15
b. 5 chips on 28 thru 33
c. 3 chips on insurance
d. 2 chips on quad

The option is yours. If you lose that next spin, the options pop up again:
1.    If you stayed with 19 chips now you regress to 15.
2.    If you regressed to 15 (No. 2 above) you have two choices:
    a. Leave the Session.
    b. Stay at 15 chips outlay for one more shot.

Please notice how every single move is strictly predetermined and never deviated from. After that second loss, let's say you stayed with the 19 chip outlay and number 10 showed. You have a winner. You lose 13 chips but pick up 30 (5 to 1 in 10 thru 15 grouping), making your overall profit for that spin a nice 17 chips. Now comes decision time.

Most people who lose in gambling get beat because they don't know what to bet after a loss or a win. I want you to go DOWN (regress) after a win, locking up a profit on all even money wagers.

In the case of multiple pay offs, (as in the game of Roulette), on the Inside number you have various options to pursue. Since you're sitting with a 17 chip profit, you must decide how much do you want to insure from that winning spin.

You can pull back a profit of 12 chips or 11 or 10 or 9 or 8 or 7, or whatever you want   and bet the remainder.
Suppose you decide to increase each grouping by one chip and pull back 13 chips profit. Here is what your next spin would be:

a. 10 thru 15 7 Chips
b. 28 thru 33  7 Chips
c. Insurance 5 Chips
d. Quad Bet 4 Chips

You've got an outlay of 23 chips and a profit of 13 chips. Now don't go handing me the bull that you lost the first two spins of that Session and you wanna get that money back 'cause I don't wanna hear it.

Those losses are gone forever and now that winning spin is handled completely on it's own. you're in a winning 'Series' and subsequent wagers will be made on the success of that 'Series' and not the overall 'Session.'

If you win the next spin, you continue with a pattern of Up and Pull. A suggestion would be to keep betting 5 5 4 3 until you win two in a row, then increase by one chip until you win two in a row, then two chips per grouping and so on. This is only one method you could use, so let's look at what a winning Series would look like:

a. First bet 5 5 4 3 win,
b. Second bet 5 5 4 3 win,
c. Third bet 6-6-5-4win,
d. Fourth bet 6 6 5 4 win,
e. Fifth bet 8-8 7 6 win,
f. Sixth bet 8 8 7 6 win,
g. Seventh bet 11 11 10 9 lose.

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