Percentage return in casino betting
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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online casino gambling articles.
Well, if you are fortunate to have a big bankroll, you have the beginning of what could be a succession of winning days. Treat that bankroll with great respect. As long as , you have a bankroll, you will be able to compete, to stay in the game.
Since I stress the importance of the bankroll, I also give you methods to protect it.

First of all, you don't want to lose the bulk of your bankroll at the first table, so you split it into tree separate and equal sessions. A session consists of one third of your starting bankroll. Always divide your starting capital into these separate sessions. If you take $600 to the casino, each session will begin with $200. If you bring $900, each session will be $300. If $300 is all you can afford, then $100 is the amount of each session.

Take an average figure of $600. That is the amount that best fits the $5 bettor, which most people are.
After splitting the $600 into three sessions, you make your way to the first table with $200. The remaining $400 is kept aside.

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You don't have to guess what value table to sit at. The bankroll tells you.
To sit at any table, the preferred amount to have is 40 times the minimum bet allowed. So, for a $5 table, this would be $200 which, multiplied by three sessions, translates into a $600 starting bankroll. The smallest amount you can take to a table is 30 times the minimum bet. That's $150 for a $5 table, and $450 for the starting bankroll.

Anything less than 30 times the table minimum is unacceptable for a session.

Ever see the guy who brings a $10 bill to the $5 table? Where is he going? He either gets enough to play sensibly, or doesn't play at all. This guy is trying to hold down his losses, but chances are he'll get wiped out. The small amount of playing money will soon cause him to play scared and affect his Basic Strategy moves.

If you visit the casino with a $300 bankroll, your sessions will consist of $100 each. Since that is only 20 times the amount of a $5 minimum bet, the $5 table is not for you. You must go to a $3 table. If there is none available, go to another casino. if you can't find an empty seat at one of the $3 tables, don't play. It's that simple.

These rules apply to all players. If you want to play at a $10 table, you should have $400 per session, and $1,200 overall.
If you don't have the minimum bankroll, wait until you do before going to a casino. Your sessions must consist of no less than 30 times the table minimum.

Many people ask me if it is acceptable to bring $200 to a casino, and only play two sessions. It is impossible for them to scrape together the additional amount.

I tell them if they play only two sessions, they are depriving themselves of an extra session. Often, it takes until this third session to find a hot table. You are bending the rules because of a personal drawback. If you don't have all of the BIG 4 don't play.

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