Percentage return in casino betting
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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online casino gambling articles.
You must understand the importance of the bankroll. Everyone wants to win, despite comments of, �I just go for a good time,' or, 'I set aside an amount can afford to lose.' Ridiculous! These people want to win, but don't know how.
They honestly believe they are supposed to lose in a casino. That's because they never learned to win. Think of all the times you went to a casino and were ahead two or three hundred dollars.

You believe it is your lucky day, and want to cash in big!

Victory dulls your thinking and you start increasing your bets, and turn into a different player. You reason that you are playing with the casino's money, so why not splurge? Well, throw out that theory!
When you win, it's your money. It doesn't belong to the casino anymore.

What causes this sudden switch in tactics? This sudden increase in betting? Money! You now have more money sitting in front of you, and you lose all control.
Remember the emphasis I placed on the bankroll?

I said the whole day started with the percentage of win placed on the amount of money you brought to battle. I suggested the decision of how much you wanted to win was based on your starting cache. That is why you make the decision early. It eliminates the chance you will make crazy bets when you are caught up in the excitement of the game.

Money does funny things to people. So does the lack of it.

I firmly believe people gamble out of need. Needs differ in amounts, but the ultimate purpose is the same. That is why so many of my lectures are devoted to making people aware of the proper first steps to winning.

Senior citizens I teach are very easy to convince. They want extra dollars to provide them with luxuries they normally can't afford. Their bankrolls are usually small. So they are easy to convince that to go for small percentage returns on a consistent basis is the proper approach.

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Many of them begin with $200 as their bankroll. And it is a scared $200. They are terrified at the thought of losing. That is why they are receptive to control tactics.

You've seen players with $100 chips and stacks of $25 chips and it is very easy to be jealous. Some of these players bet amounts on a single hand that you would be content to win for the entire day.

But their method of betting is so slipshod and erratic that the bankroll they possess, though quite large, is not enough to make them win automatically. They don't know how to use their money wisely.

When I ask people how much they would be content to win on a given day, they say they don't have any idea. I get the same answer when I ask what their loss limit is. People tell me they never thought about it.


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