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by: Gayle Mitchell.
As Editor of Casino Players Ezine: Slots Newsletter, I received these two questions about when the results of a slot spin are determined and a �taxing� question.

1) Q.  I am a one coin player most of the time because unless you hit a jackpot, is hard to hold on to your money. I have hit so many jackpots on one coin and of course did not get them. Recently, I was nearly broke and playing one, hit a jackpot and collected 400 coins. I continued to play one and within a few spins the same thing came up.
Yes, I felt a little ill. So here is my question.
Would the same combination have come up even if I had played two or three coins?
We have a big disagreement on that question. As to the people who work at the casino, some have told me if you had put in two or three coins it may not have hit.
Maybe they were just trying to make me feel good. Beverly.
A. Beverly: To answer your question, your friends are right. In the time it took to put in 1 or 2 more coins, the RNG could come up with a different combination. The RNG moves so quickly that seconds can change a combination and because every selection is random, back-to-back jackpots are possible.

Further, to my answer above, I received these additional questions. See answers below.
Q.  I was surprised by your answer to Beverly's question as to whether or not the repeat jackpot would have occurred if she had put in two or three coins instead of one. 
I was under the impression that the RNG determines the winning, or non-winning, combination as soon as the first coin is inserted, and that the payout is not determined until the final coin is inserted and the Spin button is pressed.  Am I wrong? Gene.
Q.  A recent article stated that all newer machines are programmed so that the RNG does not stop on any combination until either the spin button is pushed or the handle is pulled.
On the surface, this appears to indicate that in the near future, at least, slot players will be faced with two different payout procedures. Given the thousands of machines that are in use, there will be no clear answer unless one can determine which are the new machines and which are the old. George.

George & Gene: Gosh, there is a lot of G's rolling around this question :-).
A. Here is what I wrote about this controversy many moons ago, in a previous newsletter:
"As to the ongoing controversy about when the result of a slot pull/spin is decided.
Is it A) when the first coin is inputted or B) when the spin button/handle is pushed/pulled?
Well, both are right, depending on who manufactured the slot and when.
For Older versions and some small manufacturers, the answer is A
For Newer versions that are less than ten years old, (more likely), the answer is B.
I assumed, as is more likely in today's slot world that Beverly was playing on a newer version and answered her question with B as above.

2) Q. When I play slots, all jackpots exceeding $1199. are reported with one of those nasty little tax forms.
If I put in 3-dollar coins and win $1200, I have actually won $1197.00, the $1200 less my 3-dollar wager. The same situation would hold true for a $5, 10 and 25 machines.
For the $1 machines, I would think the tax form should be for all jackpots over $1202.00. What is the accurate interpretation of this policy?
A. The tax form trigger is based on the actual amount paid out by the casino and they are bound to follow the tax rules or lose their license.
I have an example; I was sitting beside a lady who hit a progressive jackpot that was $1199.45. The casino rounded the payout up to an even $1200 and she was asked for ID to write up the tax form.
She and I protested but to no avail, as the casino had to follow the tax rule for $1200.
It sure would be nice if we could deduct the amount we put into a machine before hitting from our winnings, but the taxman would not agree.

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