A Beginners Guide To Online Slots

Playing online slots is a little different than playing conventional slot machines in a land based casino, but it's still easy to get started. If you're new to online gaming and not familiar with the process, here's how to get gambling:

First, you need to find a casino: Just where you'll play should depend on what kind of slots you enjoy and what the casino can offer you as a player. There are literally thousands of online casinos, some better than others, some outright bad. We've only listed reputable online casinos that we've dealt with ourselves here at Slot Machines Hangout - so you can be comfortable choosing from any casinos you see here.

While there are lots of different casinos - there's still only a handful of software providers that make the casino software these casinos operate off. What that means, is that while there's different management, bonuses, policies and sometimes slightly different game suites at each casino - most casinos will offer a downloadable software package that fits into one of only a few types. 

Vegas Casino Online and Sun Palace Casino for example are both great places to play - but they share the same Playtech software - and therefore they both have the same type of slot machines.

Try to find a casino that you enjoy and stay there. They offer different themes, different bonuses to new players, and depending on which type of software they're running - different games. No casino is 'best' all around - it's really a matter of preference.

On our review page you'll find plenty of slots to choose from along with information on how and where to download and play.

Download The Casino

Most online casinos will offer their casino games as a download-only piece of software, so to get started you'll have to download and install the games before continuing.

Some casinos may offer a no-download version of particular games, which can usually be played through Flash or Java right in your browser; however we recommend download games, as they're quicker to launch and have better graphics and sound.

Register An Account

Once you've found a casino to play at and downloaded the software, you need to register an account with the casino. Most online casinos will require some form of registration before they'll let you play - even for free. If you're playing for real money, register a 'real' account.

If you're just evaluating the software and would like to play for fun, open a 'play', 'guest' or 'demo' account (it will be named differently at different casinos). * Never lie about personal details when playing for real money. Should you win, it'll make getting your winnings sent out a real nightmare.

Make A Deposit

Making a deposit is where most people get lost in the transition from gambling at a 'regular' casino to gambling online.

There's no cashier's cage you can walk up to and hand cash in for token, so just how do you buy chips exactly? There's dozens of ways to fund your account. Use your credit card, a check, wire transfer, online payment services - just about anything that lets you transfer money electronically will do. Credit cards are traditionally the easiest deposit method - however some issuing banks will no longer process gambling charges, so your card may not work.

For more information on alternate depositing options, click here. No matter how you make a deposit, you can rest assured that the reputable online casinos listed here will handle all transactions securely.

If you want to find out more about Online Slots, be sure to check out these slot machine strategies.

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