Basic Slots

By Gayle Mitchell

I strongly recommend that slot players begin their casino playing experience with basic slots--cheaper to play and an excellent starting point, for as your credits mount and your bankroll increases, you can move on to bonus or progressive slot versions.

Basic Slots, straight slots or ‘flat tops’ as they are known, have a constant top jackpot payout. All require maximum coins to hit that jackpot.

Look for these three features:
Single Payline:  stay away from multiple paylines. Better to play multiple paylines on Bonus Slot versions where a second screen bonus round offers additional winnings.

Two Coin Maximum to make your bankroll last longer.
Double and Triple Jackpot Pays: on certain payline combinations, e.g., Double, Triple Diamond or Red, White & Blue 7’s.
Look closely at payout schedules -- not all basic slots will double and quadruple all pays and not all will have double jackpot symbols.

Search out 98% or 100% ‘certified’ slots, usually dollar slots at your favorite casino. Ask the slot hosts or change people if all machines in that carousel are high-return slots or just one or two slots--the least desired player advantage.

Play ‘signature slots’ with a particular casino’s name on them. These are generally looser thus producing the desired casino PR.
Explore high traffic areas around the main cashier’s booth and change booths for the specific features mentioned above.

Always play maximum coins. Be a ‘hit and run’ winner--3-5 max spins without any return--move on. Don’t play two machines side by side: one giveth, the other taketh. After any large win, try 3 more max spins for possible repeat win.

Don’t hang onto one machine too long -- take the credits and run!
In the end, the majority of large jackpots are hit within the first 5-15 minutes of play with a small cash outlay.

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