Basic and Progressive Slots

Basic Slots

1) Two coin maximum basic slots is sound wager management as opposed to 3-coins.

2) Basic Slots: look for ‘Double’ symbol to double your jackpot on a winning combination.

3) Basic Slots: Try 3-5 more maximum spins after a medium to large  jackpot win.

4) Basic Slots: Search for smaller top jackpots as these slots ‘hit’ more often.

In other words, look for top jackpots of 1000 or 2500 coins rather than 10,000+.
Progressive Slots

1) Most progressives are single payline,  3-coin maximum.

2) Progressives can be linked in one casino or several in a city and even nation-wide. MegaBucks is an example.

3) Check out the primary and secondary jackpots on progressives for best bet.

4) Primary jackpots are displayed prominently. Usually, in large lit numbers above bank of machines.

5) Secondary Progressive jackpots are a smaller dollar value, but often worth a spin.

6) Find out what starting progressive jackpot value is, so you can determine whether any progressive dollar amount is high enough and worth play.

Now that you know the difference between basic and progressive slots, check out this amazing slots games gallery, with the most popular slot machines online: Haunted House, Seas of Battle, RockN'Roller, Bermuda Triangle and more!

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