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Roulette betting strategy
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Ain't gonna be hard for anyone to pick up this system. There are only two colors to choose from, so you got Red or Black to pick (this could also be on Odd/Even or High/Low). By John Patrick

Roulette casino gambling strategy
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I'm not trying to get technical by using big words, but now we move into the advanced Action Number System which will change some of the numbers of the basic method and also call for increases in your wagers. By John Patrick

Roulette betting series
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The series is over and you start all over with 5 5 4 3. You don't have to be a genious to figure out that the amount of options that can spring from a long winning Series could cause a shortage in the sharpest of computers. By John Patrick

Roulette betting series
Slots, Online roulette gambling articles.
These are going to be the patterns you will follow in your betting Series the all important segment of your day that determines how much you win when you catch a streak. Don't miss a single paragraph. By John Patrick

Variations of Roulette Bets
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Don't ever lose sight of the fact that your Bankroll dictates the size of your Session Money and the amount of your bets.If you got the bread, you can pour it in but if you don't, you've got to stay in tune with what you got to work with. By John Patrick

Roulette betting online II
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As we swing over to Roulette, I'm sure a lot of you veteran players have seen thes tables kick off multiple repeat numbers. No, don't ask me to explain why, because I don't have the answer. But it has to do (again), with the fact that TRENDS are so powerful in all the games. By John Patrick

Roulette betting online I
Slots, Online roulette gambling articles.
We'll go back to the slots for the newcomers and then cover the game of Roulette by taking a look at a betting method for those advanced players who are familiar with the game, but need some betting tools to improve their game. By John Patrick

Good Companies - Bad Countries
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I am astonished every time I read in a forum or on a watchdog site that someone in our industry suggests that somehow the country a company operates in is the primary determinant on corporate performance and strength. By Bodog CEO

Baseball betting and sports gambling - Pete Rose
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Gambling Online Magazine interviews an extraordinary writer about an extraordinary man: Rick Hill is one of the few men ever to get inside the head of Pete Rose, and learned, first hand, the toils of living the greatest modern tragedy in professional sports. By Paul W.

Harry Potter betting odds

There is no doubt the rip roaring success in the entertainment world in the last couple of years has been the Harry Potter series. The phenomenon has catapulted J K Rowling into millions of dollars and a life of celebrity. By Mike L.

Casino gaming and game fairness
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The need for independent testing and certification in an interactive gaming environment is becoming universally accepted. Demonstrated integrity through adequate independent testing goes to the heart of what constitutes credibility in an this self-regulated market. By Mr. John Cargnello

Online gambling tips and sports betting

I am sitting here in the back of the call center, admiring how well things are running these days compared to the past...quietly sipping on an ice cold Bombay martini (I cleaned out the one store that carries my favorite brand of gin a few days ago) and started thinking of our web sites. By Arnold P.

Sports betting action and wagering odds

Playing the ponies or laying odds on a college football game are fine, but what happens when the usual sportsbook wagers become too dull for words? You need to look for something out of the ordinary, and there are several online bookmakers out there willing to satisfy that craving with odds on things that would never have crossed most people�s minds. By Stuart Kernaghan

Sports gambling technology in the new millenium

The first computer I worked on was a DEC PDP-8M. Although that won't mean much to most people, it was a great little machine. And by little, I mean that it actually fit in a single room. By Jim P.

Excusive deals with two hot properties

Gambling Online Magazine has brought its readers two excusive deals with two hot properties. SportsSpread's Fantasy Betting Competition. By John S.

Internet Bingo and online casino gambling
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You played it as a kid, you know its popular in Indian Casinos, but now, it has hit the net. Get ready for Internet Bingo! By Ken H.

Slot machines and online casinos

A classic slot is a thing of beauty. Like a well-designed watch, the classic slot is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, while maintaining its allure as the years spin by. By Charlie

Online slot machines and casino gambling

Slot machines, the real ones not the online jobs, used to be so easy to beat. I remember as a kid I could have used slugs to dupe the machines, or I could almost as easily duped the reels into stopping where I wanted. By Karl J.

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