Slot Machines Hangout Inc. offers the following services:

Strategic CPA positioning: Slot Machines Hangout offers strategic advertisement on a cost per client served basis. We will only charge you for the depositors that you receive on your website, for this type of marketing campaign we require the client to have a live reporting system for our agents to monitor the campaign.

If you don't have a reporting system we can offer a CPM type campaign. Basically we will charge you for the impressions your banners receive on strategic words.

Why advertise with us ?

Slot Machines Hangout offers Sponsored positionings on keywords such as "online casino", "slots", "free casino", etc.
We will offer a distinctive text combined with a 120 by 60 banner every time someone makes a search on an specific keyword. Other than that we will place a 468 by 60 banner on the main page and at the top and bottom of the result pages, all the 468 by 60 banners are placed on a rotation array of banners with a full reporting of the amount of impressions and clicks your banners receive.

We offer a reporting area for all our sponsored clients, need more information ?

Contact us at [email protected]

We can offer you a demo of our reporting section for you to check it out !
We want our clients to get the most out of their campaigns.

Thanks for your interest.

Slot Machines Hangout Staff