8 Ball Slots

Single Line Slots

Okay folks, line ‘em up and let’s play some billiards for profits. Betting is allowed and you are challenged with a multitude of numbered billiard balls. This single payline 2-coin slot has a varied and colorful pay schedule that is as much fun to play as bingo, keno or any other numbers game.

The magic number here is the 8 ball and there is a big strike of a 2000 payout X the denomination selected for three lined up just right. Even a one-coin bet for three 8’s will award an 800 payday.

In second place are striped balls numbered 14 and 15 that return 100 and 200 for each of 1 and 2 coin bets.
The other multi-colored balls that bring on instant wins accompanied by the sound of rolling billard balls are numbered from 1-13.
And there’s more…score frequent hits of any combination of 3 striped balls for 10 and a mixed combo of solid balls returns 4 on your max. bet.

Strategy Tip: Maximum coin bet play would provide greater returns and benefits with this slot version.
Another consideration is that payouts are based on the denomination selected for play. There are several options available: nickels, dimes, quarters, � dollar, dollar plus two and five dollars.

This is a thrilling numbers game that offers a multitude of scoring opportunities.

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